AtmosFANS Find Endless Inspiration in Facebook Groups

With about a week to go before the Big Day, photos and videos of your amazing Halloween decoration displays continue to unrelentingly fill our inbox, sort of like how the blob filled the crowded Colonial Theater. From our perspective, there is nothing better than being completely enveloped by the creative ideas from the collective AtmosFX brain trust in full, glorious display.

Speaking of full, glorious display: There are additional places where you can find yourselves immersed, too. Here at AtmosFX, we've been spending a lot of time salivating over the genius ideas posted on the vibrant Facebook Groups like AtmosFX Decorating Community or AtmosFX Fanatics. Sure, we admit Facebook can be an incredible timesuck, but hustle through those photos of your great-aunt's retirement party and get to the good stuff, like how to make a spooky mausoleum or a haunted infested pipe manifold.

For this week's AtmosFAN of the Week, we want to highlight some of our favorite posts we've recently come across. With thousands of people posting and commenting, it is an incredible resource for decorating ideas, how-to tutorials, and top-tier outside-the-box thinking. And if you are having a problem with your own display, there's invariably someone within the community that has encountered that same problem – and can help you fix it.

The examples from the AtmosFX Decorating Community Facebook Group are endless and updated seemingly every minute – so join up and get ready to be inspired. Below are just a few that we've appreciated – and we are always going back to find more!

We wish Christopher Kucan's home was in our neighborhood. He says he's using only six projectors, but with his deft touch, it looks like much more than that. We love the color, the energy – and let's not forget the trio of 3DFX Forms featuring Boo Crew!

When Leslie Yarchak found an old suitcase in a thrift store for $1, she had the makings of an awesome, portable digital decoration. Just add Eerie Eyes and she's instantly a costume party no matter where she goes. 

Jen Andrews made a full moon out of two pool noodles and a polyester moon tapestry she found on eBay. Coupled with Halloween Moon Digital Decoration, she's created an incredibly captivating effect out of everyday products.

We've seen a lot of top-notch outdoor projector boxes, and David Werner's is certainly high on the list. We love the value-add in the back, where he creates a little crack that shows off an Eerie Eyes display.

What are you creating for this year's Halloween festivities? And where do you like to share them – and with whom? Make sure to check out the many Halloween-themed Facebook Groups, but also make sure to send your photos and videos to us via the handy AtmosFAN submission form! We will publish our favorites!

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