AtmosFAN’s Tidy Display Does Everything Right

Even with Halloween still fresh in our minds – heck, we haven’t even purged the boxes of raisins from our trick-or-treat sack yet – it’s never too early to start reminiscing! So, what better way to do so than with Jason M., of Crown Point, Indiana? He’s put together an incredibly tidy and effective Halloween display that does everything really, really well! 

What’s not to like about Jason’s Halloween display? We see almost all of AtmosFX’s display modes – Window Mode, Surface Mode, Hollusion Mode and, of course, Pumpkin Mode front-and-center. And let’s not forget the additional props and animatronics, most of which Jason created himself. We particularly enjoy the moving shovel and tree stump – a wonderfully subtle prop that’s perfect in Jason’s graveyard.

“Aside from Empty Soul Girl from Spirit Halloween and select AtmosFX videos, everything was built by me over the last few years,” Jason tells us. “The plan is to build more and expand every year.”

You get the sense that this efficient combination – AtmosFX Decorations plus cool props – fits right into Jason’s wheelhouse. All of his AtmosFX displays are crisp and effective – and easy to set up. Which gives Jason time to tinker and build even more cool props.

It seems the neighbors want exactly that, come Halloween. “Teens and adults love it,” Jason says, “but the little ones seem to shy away from all but the pumpkins.”

And those pumpkins do look good! Jason takes advantage of a great combination – Hollusion in the back, with something bright and captivating in the foreground. The Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree pumpkins get the viewer to focus in the foreground, which makes the Hollusion Projection Material in the back fade into the darkness (even more than it already does). That makes the Hollusion Mode display using Phantasms Decoration look even more mysterious, as though the ghosts are materializing in thin air.

(Oh! And the hay bale conveniently hides the projector, too.)

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out one of the better uses that we have seen using Sinister Shadows Decoration. Jason projects the decoration onto the ground and tombstones, making it look as though the Grave Digger is somewhere nearby, robbing graves. Can we imagine how many people kept looking around, trying in vain to figure out where he might be to cast that shadow? That, in our mind, makes a great effect!

 The whole display looks great, Jason, it is efficient, well-executed and captivating. And we cannot wait to see what else you build for next year! -

Alas, Halloween is now 363 days away, but that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to revel in it! Make sure to send us your photos and videos from this past Halloween, and we’ll continue to honor AtmosFANs of the Week all year! Every submission will earn you Kudos for use at, and winners will get a free decoration collection of their choice. Submit your photos and videos here, using this easy online submission form!

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