Gourdy's Top Five Truly Last Minute Costumes

Gourdy here! Halloween is the BESTEST holiday in my humble opinion and I’ve spent MONTHS getting ready for it!

But, sometimes things can get really busy like when you’ve planned on tasting every type of candy in the world to see which one is best. I’ve still got a few to go. Or, maybe you’ve felt the need to watch every zombie movie in this list and still haven’t finished but now it’s time for a costume!


Well, besides typing in all caps (cuz that’s just CRAZY!). 

To help out, I’m here to give you five quick costume ideas that you can make in five minutes or less! Here’s the countdown.

#5 - Carrie On My Wayward Son/Daughter/However You Prefer To Be Known

If you ever seen either version of “Carrie,” you may recall the telekinetic ending where Carrie lashes out after having a bucket of pig’s blood dumped on her head.


You can easily copy this scene and this costume with any red liquid like spaghetti sauce, catsup, or even grenadine! Just dump it on your head and start screaming!

Bonus points if you can throw things around with your mind!


#4 If Mummies Are From Egypt, Then Where Are The Daddies?

Every house has toilet paper in it so just run in and steal it all, wrap yourself from head to toe and WHAMMO! You’re a mummy!

AND if anyone gets a sniffle at the Halloween party, you will be the FIRST one they look for!


#3 Got A Job Crushing Aluminum Cans, It’s Soda Pressing!

You might THINK that everyone is out to get you but you have nothing to worry about. But, if you want to have a great last minute costume AND make sure radio waves don’t coerce you into anything (Buy Gourdy Here! http://bit.ly/2hmiixS BUY ME! BUY MEEEEEeee!) then grab the tin-foil and make yourself a hat! You can be both stylish AND a conspiracy theorist! If you have enough foil, you can go full on Tin Man!


#2 So These Two Adhesive Firms Form A Holding Company

Every once in awhile a celebrity takes a WHOLE bunch of cellophane tape and wrap it around their head to become Tape Face! Well, after you do the same, no one will recognize you and you can tell them you are whatever celebrity you want! Just be careful taking it off! You don’t want to lose any of your beautiful orange felt when you do!


#1 Make a Mark On The World….Or On Your Face

Sure, it may remind you of that one time you fell asleep in college and your roommate had a marker, but why not own it?


With so many different markers and pens scattered around your house, you could easily become a pirate, bumbling robbers, or more!


If you happen to have a few colors with you and a friend has fallen asleep, you can help him get ready for Halloween too (hee hee hee)!

If you want to be REALLY clever you can always simplify it and go as a favored social channel AND a celebrity at the same time!

So maybe next year you plan a little further out ok? What am I? A MIRACLE WORKER?!?!

Gourdy out!

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