Great Ways to Display ‘Hanukkah Window’

Hanukkah Window is the fourth AtmosFX Digital Decoration that re-imagines the brilliant colors and traditional stylings of stained glass. Of course, it is the simplicity and beauty of these stained-glass images that makes them so appealing. But, the fact that these stained-glass decorations merge from one captivating image to another? That makes them uniquely AtmosFX.

Like the previous stained-glass digital decorations, Hanukkah Window Digital Decoration is a single-scene display that features glorious colors in beautiful animated stained glass. But it is unique in that it celebrates the eight days and nights that have become, for generations, an uplifting emblem of hope, perseverance and rededication.

Remember, too, that such sentiments make a perfect gift this time of year – think of it as an incredibly dynamic greeting card that can easily be sent anywhere. Especially this year, sending Hanukkah Window to loved ones who can’t share the holiday with you. When they display Hanukkah Window on their computer or TV, they’ll have a vivid reminder of you and the connection you share.

Below, we have a few ideas on how to best display the eight unique animated designs displayed in Hanukkah Window.

Start with Windows, But Don’t Stop There

Certainly, Hanukkah Window looks great in windows. It should with a name like that! And because the digital decoration comes in both horizontal and vertical formats, any window, large or small, can be transformed into stunning stained glass.

It is also important to remember that, just because it has “window” in the title doesn’t mean you cannot display it elsewhere. Any wall or ceiling will look simply fantastic when bathed in the dynamic color and light of Hanukkah Window. TVs, computer monitors and tablets too!

A Few Big Ideas

When we say that Hanukkah Window looks great on walls, we remind you that it is simply a place to start. Any large and open space is just begging for this colorful and dynamic display.

For instance, any wall in your home can instantly become awash in color. Ceilings and floors are great options, too. And if you are able to mount your projector up high, imagine how a white tablecloth might instantly become beautiful stained glass.

Projecting outdoors is a great option, too. A garage door is a magnificent and large window-shaped canvas that can quickly be converted into something spectacular. And if you have a projector that has a high lumen count – or you are familiar with projection-mapping software – why stop with the garage door? How about projecting Hanukkah Window onto your entire house?!

Smaller Displays, with Big Impact

For those who like more subtle decorations, and have old tablets or phones available, there are some great ways to stash those small screens to great effect. Digital picture frames, too. You’ll just need to copy Hanukkah Window onto your device and place it where it will have a great impact. Or, take that same digital picture frame and send it by mail to family or friends that are not able to join you this year.

For instance, you could place a tablet on the counter or bookshelf and run Hanukkah Window for a delightful animated decoration. Or, perhaps you might place the decoration on loop and place it near your menorah. Copying the digital decoration to a digital frame would work in the same way, too.

Of course, there is no shortage of ways to display Hanukkah Window – large or small. And it is a unique way to celebrate the Festival of Lights!

How will you use Hanukkah Window Digital Decoration? Make sure you show us – we want to see your creativity! Send your photos and videos to us using this easy form!

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