AtmosFANs of the Week: Jason Cash and Robert Cox

With less than two weeks before the big night, everybody’s Halloween displays should be howling in full force! So far, Brandon King, Steven Nance, and Don Raymer all wear the AtmosFAN of the Week crown. Today, we’re going to break the rules and introduce you to two more winners – Jason Cash and Robert Cox.

In some ways, Jason Cash and Robert Cox represent the yin and yang of Halloween decorating. Jason transformed his home into a colorful, yet slightly subdued, ghostly display.

On the other hand, we’re pretty sure that you could spot Robert Cox’s house from the International Space Station.

Both of their presentations are darned cool, and they have something else in common: each has a rock-solid Hollusion effect right at the core.

Jason does a masterful job drawing his visitors close to his house. And, once they’re at his front door, he uses the Wicked Wraith from Phantasms to stop them dead in their tracks. His perfect projector placement and selective interior lighting renders his Hollusion Projection Material almost invisible, making the spirit appear to float in thin air.

As for Robert, his implementation is equally awesome. He uses about a zillion megawatts of light all around his display – which makes its center seem even darker. And from that dark space emerges the four Phantasms, again seemingly out of thin air.

Great work, Jason and Robert! You’re our two newest AtmosFANs of the Week!

Think you have what it takes to be our next AtmosFAN of the Week? We’ve still got a few more winners to crown, so show us your craziest, most imaginative, most inspiring photos and videos and you could be our next featured decorator! Send your photos or YouTube links to making sure to put ‘AtmosFAN of the Week’ in the subject line.


To learn how to create your own Hollusion effects, check out this article. For more decorating ideas, be sure to read our entire series of Digital Decorating 101 articles.

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