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AtmosFAN of the Week: Don Raymer | AtmosFX

AtmosFAN of the Week: Don Raymer

With three weeks to go before Halloween, we’re seeing lots of great AtmosFAN of the Week submissions rolling in. Last week we featured Steven Nance’s ten projector Technicolor blast from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today, we want to show you something a little different – a sweet DIY project from Don Raymer of Edmonton, Alberta.

Like many decorators, Don did something we’ve all done: he picked up a store-bought animatronic Halloween prop and quickly realized that it wasn’t what he had hoped for. But, instead of giving up on his new crystal ball, Don used a little creativity and was able to turn it into something awesome.

His video walks you through all of the steps of this cool transformation. First, he took the reverse side of the ball and painted it white so that he could capture the light from his projection. Then, he took our Wicked Wraith scene from Phantasms and projected it directly onto the crystal ball. The result is positively electrifying!

Don’s crystal ball hack is a perfect example of fans thinking out-of-the box in cool, totally new ways, so we’re happy to crown him AtmosFAN of the Week. Great work, Don!

And for the rest of you? Let’s see your work – you may just be named our next AtmosFAN of the Week on Thursday, October 15!


Think you have what it takes to be the next AtmosFAN of the Week? Show us how you’re using our digital decorations and YOU may be our next featured decorator!  Send your photos or YouTube links to community@atmosfx.com, making sure to put ‘AtmosFAN of the Week’ in the subject line.

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