AtmosFAN of the Week: The Haunted ‘Nansion’

Ever since we announced our AtmosFAN of the Week feature the submissions have been pouring in. Just as we suspected, you guys definitely don’t disappoint! Now that October is finally here, we’ll kick off this year’s countdown to Halloween with an awesome full-home haunt from last season. Feast your eyes on “The Haunted Nansion,” created by Steven Nance and his family, from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What do we love about Steven’s creation? Of course, there’s the prodigious use of fog and what seems like two or three pallets of headstones. But, what really impresses us is the incredible use of light. (This should be no surprise, as this is what Steven does — he’s CEO and president of Integrity Lighting, Inc.)

This presentation is, at once, both welcoming and a touch scary. Steven tells us that he used 10 projectors to display 10 AtmosFX Decorations — all impeccably displayed and perfectly timed. He says it was the first time he's used AtmosFX Decorations at his home. Pretty amazing for first-time setup, isn’t it?

To enter the Nance family’s “Haunted Nansion,” check out this video – we know you’ll be impressed.

Congratulations, Steven! 

We hope that Steven’s home haunt gives you all lots of ideas for your own decorations this year! We’ve got more great submissions to show off, so be sure to check our blog each week or sign up for our newsletter to view more of our AtmosFAN of the Week winners.


Think you have what it takes to be the next AtmosFAN of the Week? Show us how you’re using our AtmosFX Decorations and YOU may be our next featured decorator!  Send your photos and videos links to us using this simple online submission form!

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