AtmosFAN Turns Entire House Into a ‘Yuletide Window’

We always love it when our biggest fans go BIG. So we were particularly delighted to see what Dan P. of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, did with one of our newest decorations, Yuletide Window.

Using projection mapping software and an insanely powerful projector, he turned an entire home into stained glass! And you know what they say about living in a glass house … wait … that maxim makes no sense here. Let’s just say you simply need to see this stained-glass house!

Projection mapping is the technique of projecting onto something other than a flat, white screen to create a three-dimensional effect. Using software – some free, some for purchase – you can create multiple effects on one large, unusual “canvas,” like the entire facade of a house.

We’ve written a few articles on projection mapping on our Community Blog – click here to read Projection Mapping 101. You can also find additional AtmosFANs in our Hall of Fame who have have their own creations, including Dan himself. Check out one of his Halloween projection mapping home displays here.

Of course, if you want to know how this is done, you can also go straight to the source. Dan has a YouTube Channel called Phillips Projections, which has its own tutorial on projection mapping. (You can subscribe, too, if you’d like.) It is a great resource – and he’s really responsive. And while you’re there, make sure to check out another projection mapping display that features AtmosFX’s Santa's Workshop and Winter Wonderland decorations. You can see that here!

But back to this great display of Yuletide Window. This decoration has quickly become one of our most popular in 2019, and here you can see why. The crisp color and detail brightens any space, and the stained-glass instantly says “Christmas” to all who see it. And in the case of this particular display, because Yuletide Window doesn’t focus on a singular character (such as our newest holiday decoration, Enchanted Snowman) it allows clever projection mappers like Dan to copy snippets of the decoration and extend the artful colors and designs to anywhere it is needed.

We love your holiday display, Dan! Great work!

In what imaginative ways are you displaying AtmosFX Decorations this winter? We want to be inspired – and so do countless others from around the globe! Send us your photos and videos through our easy AtmosFAN submission form. And while you are there, check out all the great displays from the many other AtmosFANs of the Week!

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