Great Ways to Display ‘Singing Snowman’

Who doesn’t love the sound of Christmas carols on a chilly December night? We all do! And when those joyful songs are sung by an animated snowman? That’s almost as good as Bing Crosby, Jim Neighbors – even Lou Monte.

But the best part about the Singing Snowman is that he’s ready to perform 24/7 thought the entire holiday season – no need for breaks, costume changes or green-room deli trays. Whether you seek to add the Singing Snowman Digital Decoration Collection to your already established holiday display, or just wish to showcase him on his own, we have some great ideas on how best to display him!

And no matter how you plan to use him, make sure to have a speaker at the ready – Bluetooth enabled speakers work great – because everyone is going to want to hear all four Christmas carols this Singing Snowman is eager to belt out!

Use a 3DFX Form (Or Create Your Own)

One of our favorite ways to use Singing Snowman is to project it onto a 3DFX Form. The digital decoration has a mode that is optimized for the AtmosFX’s 3DFX Form, an inflatable mannequin-like prop that, when you project onto it, appears to come alive. In the case of the Singing Snowman, that means you have the opportunity to set the 3DFX Form just outside your front door (or any other prominent place), and he’ll greet your holiday guests with song and good cheer.

That said, for those who have not purchased a 3DFX Form yet, they were quite popular during the Halloween season and, alas, are temporarily sold out. But that doesn’t mean you cannot create one, DYI, on your own. (Just don’t let the Mucky-Mucks here at AtmosFX know we told you.)

To get started on creating your own DIY 3DFX form, use your digital projector to display a 3DFX-optimized digital decoration where you plan to set your prop. This helps determine the size of prop you will need. Some decorators build props from materials like wood or chicken wire, or buy an inflatable punching bag as a prop replacement. You can find many options online, just be sure the prop is the right height for your decorating.

Once you have your replacement prop just drape some white or grey fabric over it, connect it on the sides with some clips, and you are ready to go! We’ve got some great examples from AtmosFANs who have created their own 3DFX Forms – here’s one, and here’s another.

Project in the Round

Another great way to use Singing Snowman is to project it onto an AtmosFX Decorating Disc or similar circular object. The digital decoration is optimized for projection on a circle, which allows you to create giant “ornaments” or “snowglobes.” For example, when you hang the Decorating Disc from a branch of a tree, it instantly becomes a large animated ornament. Propped up on the ground, it will appear to be a snowglobe. Both are dynamic additions to your Christmas display.

And, too, if you don’t have an AtmosFX Decorating Disc, know that any round or circular object can work well, especially as a snowglobe. Just make sure it is light in color. Exercise balls work great here – the three-dimensional nature of ball really makes the display pop.

Lastly, remember that just because you are projecting Singing Snowman in a circular aspect doesn’t mean you cannot project it in your window. In fact, it looks great there! Just hang the Decorating Disc in the window and project onto it from inside your home. It allows you to dynamically display images for all to see without having to cover your entire window with Window Projection Material. (After all, being able to look out the window is great for seeing your smiling neighbor’s faces when they stop to look at your display!)

The Basics Look Great, Too!

You’ve just read about some of our favorite ways to display Singing Snowman on the 3DFX Form and Decorating Dics, but know that even the most basic projections of this digital decoration are sure to generate smiles.

The digital decoration has display modes that feature backgrounds and no backgrounds. That means you have a lot of options on how to display it – on walls, in windows, on your television, even on Hollusion Projection Material!

For example, the individual decorations with backgrounds are perfect for displaying in large format on the garage door of your house – or anywhere else, for that matter. Or, if you have a lot of children visiting your home, placing Singing Snowman on the television screen will capture their attention.

Projections without a background can be a little more mysterious – especially if you display on Hollusion Projection Material. Some AtmosFANs like to hang the material in darker areas of the yard, usually off an eave, arbor or tree branch. As the material fades away in the darkness, the projected image of the Singing Snowman will stand out – a captivating way lead your neighbors the singing of holiday carols!

No matter how you use the Singing Snowman Digital Decoration Collection, we know it will bring endless cheer to your family, friends and neighbors. Maybe they’ll even join-in singing the songs!

How will you use the Singing Snowman Digital Decoration Collection? We want to see it! Send us photos and videos using this simple online submission form.

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