Two AtmosFANs’ Flawless Transition from Halloween to Christmas

This time of year, the AtmosFAN of the Week submissions keep coming and coming — sort of like Christmas catalogs and packaging peanuts. Still, we love every one! This week, however, we are going to pause for a moment do something a little different. We want to showcase two recent Halloween AtmosFAN of the Week honorees who made quick and stunning transitions to Christmas.

Lee Weber of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. During the Halloween season, we were impressed with Lee’s garage-door size display of Paranormal Passage (as well as several other Halloween-themed digital decorations). To see that display, click here.

If you thought Lee went big for Halloween, you should see what he does for Christmas. The light show at Lee’s house is stunning. You know he’s going all out when even the lawn gets holiday lights! We also love seeing Santa’s Workshop and Night Before Christmas in the front windows. The color and clarity of the  window projection is something to behold — so crisp! Great job, Lee!

The second AtmosFAN of the Week is Brian Doogan of Dyer, Indiana. Brian impressed us with his whole-house Halloween display using 3D projection mapping. He used Bone Chillers and several other AtmosFX Digital Decorations to great effect back in October. 

Well, Brian is back at it again with another whole-house projection mapping triumph. This time, of course, he celebrates the Christmas season. Using the “Packing Santa’s Sleigh” individual decoration from Santa’s Workshop, it seem as though Santa takes flight from Brian's very own garage. We love it! On the other side of the house, he has one of AtmosFX’s newest digital decorations, Christmas Carolers, bringing the cheer. Great work, Brian!


The way we see it, this terrific Halloween-to-Christmas transition underscores why both of you were named AtmosFANs of the Week in the first place! Lee and Brian — we love what you do!

We know there are many, many more decorators out there that are bringing their “A Game” for Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday! Show us how you’re using AtmosFX Digital Decorations and YOU may be our next featured decorator. Send your photos or YouTube links to, making sure to put "AtmosFAN of the Week" in the subject line.

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