Halloween Approaches! What are YOU working on?

We are now in that crucial time of year when Halloween isn't just some distant holiday on the far side of the calendar. Think of it more like a lone zombie heading your direction. Sure, it's still off in the distance, but you can see it coming ... slowly ... and it's still going to get you.

Good thing we're already infected! It's time to unpack your gear, fire-up the power tools and get to work building that new Halloween display you have been thinking about for the past half-year.

To get the conversation started, we point you to something that former AtmosFAN of the Week Dale Hughes recently sent us. You may remember him with his window projections into his house – first with the Christmas Carolers Digital Decoration and, later, with Dinosaur Encounter.

Dale, who hails form Harrogate, North Yorkshire, U.K., crafted a haunted gravestone made from a discarded shipping pallet. That's easy and economical. To make it really special, he then cut a hole in the middle of the gravestone and embedded a monitor in it, on which he played the Terrors from Beyond Digital Decoration.

It is a great reminder how easy it can be to create a chilling effect by simply sticking a monitor (or tablet) in a place no one expects.

Still not sure what type of project you want to create this Halloween? Start with that. It is a simple, yet effective, way to create an effect that can instantly be the centerpiece of any Halloween display. Over the years, we have seen AtmosFANS effectively place monitors or tables in a fireplace, on a book of spells - even on a garage door. So long as you're willing to cut a hole in whatever you are working with, the possibilities are endless!

With Halloween now just a few months away, it is time to start working on your display! What are you cooking up this year? As your project starts getting underway, make sure to show us what you are working on! There is a huge community of Halloween fans to inspire ... and be inspired!

Great work, Dale, getting the ball rolling! For the rest of you – let's get to work! Send your photos and videos to community@atmosfx.com!

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