AtmosFAN’s Detailed Display Stays Up All Year

It seems as though it was only a week ago when we lamented over the fact that, if people get to keep their Christmas lights up all year, why can’t they also keep up their Halloween decorations? (Oh, right, it was last week!) Well, it should have been no surprise to us that someone in this endlessly creative community of decorators does, in fact, keep their display up all year.

That AtmosFAN is Kelly Wheelis, of Surprise, Arizona. It’s easy to see why she likes to showcase her Halloween display all year – it’s an endlessly detailed menagerie of all-things-spooky that just screams “Don’t put me away!”

Kelly’s incredible decoration display lives in her garage year-round, where she can tinker and add to it any time she pleases. We could spend all day studying the details. The little touches are just magnificent – the skulls in the fireplace, the skeleton terrarium, the crystal balls, the flying critters.

Of course, we love to see how she’s also integrated AtmosFX Digital Decorations into it all. For instance, she built the false wall and fireplace so that she could display the feuding family members of UnLiving Portraits Digital Decoration as a rear-projection setup, craftily hiding her projector where it can’t be seen.

Just to the left of the portraits is another unusual way to display digital decorations. The large frame that features the phantoms from Macabre Manor Digital Decoration is actually a framed plexiglass case, in which she has inserted a television … amongst other creepy props. Kelly is able to fill the case with fog, which not only obscures the contours of the TV, but it makes the projected images even more ethereal. And adding other props into the box only adds to the depth … and the mystery.

It is easy to see why the neighbors, according to Kelly, “have come to count on us for Halloween to provide the best decorated house.” She says they will typically get about 400 people coming to see it each year – though this year was different, given the pandemic. 

It is also easy to see why Kelly is so willing to keep it up throughout the year. The detail is just great. “We never take it down,” Kelly tells us. “It stays in the garage, but it has taken us about eight years to achieve this level of greatness!”

Great indeed, Kelly! We love that you are maintaining the Halloween spirit throughout the year – even if it is in your garage. Because, after all, if anyone needs a little Halloween fun in January, April or June, all you need to do is open up the garage door!


Whether you celebrate Halloween in October, or year round, we always love to see how you do it! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple submission form!

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