Making of Night Stalkers: Part 1

March 19, 2014 | Posted in Behind the Scenes, Making-of

Last week, we had the Night Stalkers* live-action shoot. A one-day shoot packed to the brim with scene changes, costumes, blood, screams, and growls. 

Before this epic 13-hour day, we spent weeks prepping for the shoot. In January, the Pete and Pete duo, co-founders of AtmosFX, sat down and planned the production schedule for the two new AtmosFEARfx products (Night Stalkers and Bone Chillers) of 2014. 


In February, the real fun began with storyboarding, set design blueprints, gathering props and wardrobe, testing equipment, auditioning actors and much more.

In March, we gathered last minute props, equipment and building materials, made costumes, and of course built the set! The set and set pieces took three days to build. The live-action shot immediately followed after construction. We were all dead on our feet at this point.

What's left before Night Stalkers releases in July? Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3! (Hint: Hours upon hours of post-production including sound design, editing, visual effects, etc.)

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