Three Quick & Easy Decoration Displays that are AtmosFAN-worthy

This time of year, the AtmosFAN of the Week submissions pour in faster than we can view them all. We LOVE being inundated like this – it’s like being buried alive in candy corn! What could be better?!

For those who have yet to do so, make sure to send us photos and videos of your Halloween celebrations. It is easy to do so here. (Hint: While we love all the videos you send us, we particularly love those that are shot on Halloween itself.) We will continue to share our favorite submissions in November, December, January … as long as we can go! We want to keep the Halloween spirit alive year-round!

With just a couple of days to go before Halloween, we thought we’d do something a little different. Instead of showcasing giant Halloween masterpieces (don’t worry, you’ll still get those), we thought we’d showcase a few great examples of quick and easy things anyone can do to radically improve their Halloween celebration.

Eric Roth - Huntington Beach, California

There’s already a lot to love in Eric Roth’s Halloween decoration display – the depth of those purple and green hues is stunning. But we also highlight Eric’s home for this reason: It is a perfect example of how easy it can be to take it to the next level by adding Hollusion Projection Material and a digital decoration. (In this case, Bone Chillers 2.) The striking lighting renders the projection material almost invisible, which allows the skeletons to dance amongst Eric’s gravestones. And that makes an already visually remarkable presentation otherworldly!

Daniel Ioannou - Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

Daniel Ioannou will be the first to tell you that projection mapping isn’t necessarily “quick and easy” if you are just learning to use the software. But for those who are familiar with the process, it can be a great way to show your Halloween spirit without a lot of set-up. And the results are great! In Daniel’s case, he learned the technique as a way to make a COVID-safe display after, in past years, creating a haunted house that would attract nearly 1,000 visitors. Although he built many great projection maps with multiple AtmosFX Digital Decorations, we love the old-time horror movie vibe with Creepy Crawlies 2.

Eric Sork - Vancouver, Washington

Folks at Eric Sork’s church asked him if he could construct a Halloween display for a socially distanced drive-through trunk-or-treat event. Eric says it took him about three hours to put together the whole thing – gravestones, skeletons and jack-’o’-lanterns – plus the terrific lighting and sound. But the simple addition of the Phantasms and Halloween Moon digital decorations projected directly onto the church facade gives it depth and dynamic movement. “They loved it,” Eric says. “The cars queued at the entrance in view of the display … and several families came back multiple times that night.”

We will continue to showcase our favorite Halloween celebrations in the coming months, anointing as many AtmosFANs of the Week as we can! It is a great way to inspire other Halloween fans … and get a few “attaboys” for yourself, too. So, what are YOU creating for Halloween? Send us your photos and videos of The Big Night using this simple submission form!

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