AtmosFAN’s Simple Addition Makes Huge Difference

Every once in a while we get a fantastic reminder how a single digital decoration can make a huge impact on a Halloween display. The one little detail that makes everything just a little bit better.

In this case, that improvement was the 10 minutes it took for Kevin Blackwell of Concord, N.C., to string Hollusion Projection Material over the opening of his single-car garage. It fit perfectly, he tells us, bringing depth and a sense of mystery to the other Halloween props and decorations he already placed in his garage.

Here’s the best part: This was Kevin’s first attempt at creating a Hollusion effect – ever. It’s not that Kevin is unfamiliar with AtmosFX Digital Decorations, he’s been using Zombie Invasion! Digital Decoration Collection in his windows for years. He’s established quite a neighborhood reputation, in fact. But in the case of his garage, his ability to bang out a quality effect using the “Twisted Twins” from Ghostly Apparitions 3 Digital Decoration Collection is quite impressive.

What makes it work so well? The fact that the Hollusion Projection Material covers the entire opening – meaning there are no seams to give away the effect – is a great start. But the lighting and props behind the projection material is the secret sauce. It creates great depth and forces the eye to look deeper into the garage which, in turn, reinforces the illusion that the Twins are floating in air. “After reading comments I added a backlight and a black curtain with some black light effects and it looks great,” he says.

Kevin says he’s something of a legend in his neighborhood – both the neighborhood kids and adults regularly ask him what he’ll be creating this year. And that was even before his Holluision effect.

“The highest praise I got was when I first put up the screen in the garage and the neighbor’s dog attacked it,” Kevin tells us. “High praise! We all laughed.”

High praise, indeed! Great work, Kevin! And we cannot wait to see your entire Halloween display this year, zombies and dogs and all!

Halloween is coming soon – how are you preparing for it? Send us your photos and videos using this easy submission form and you might be the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Not only will you inspire countless others, but you could also earn a free digital decoration collection!

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