Great Ways to Use the AtmosKIT Plus

A projector is just a projector, right?

Not exactly. Of course, we've never met a projector that we didn't like – there is always a clever application for even the lousiest projector. But when a good one comes along? We want to take advantage of all its best attributes.

That is certainly true for the recently released AtmosKIT Plus, our newest projector kit. It's got all the attributes that you'd expect from a projector made by ViewSonic – quality construction, powerful LED lamp, multiple inputs and features, 3-year limited warranty, and so on. But, as with any projector, there are certain features that are particularly powerful; unique things that every digital decorator can really take advantage of.

Embrace the Short Throw

One of the great features of the AtmosKIT Plus is the projector's ability to display large images at a relatively short distance. For the uninitiated, the term is called "short throw." And it is a godsend for digital decorators.

For example, with a regular projector, the larger you want the projected image, the farther the projector needs to be from the surface on which you are projecting. By comparison, a short throw projector like the AtmosKIT Plus, can be much closer to the surface on which you are projecting – and it will be just as large.

There are two reasons why this is great. First is the brightness and detail of your projected image. The farther away a projector is from the surface you are projecting on, the more powerful the lamp needs to be to adequately display a sharp image. But with a short throw projector, you can get the same size image as a standard projector with more brightness and detail, simply because it is closer to whatever you are projecting on.

Here's the second benefit. A good short throw projector allows you to hide your projector in places that the viewer would never expect. For example, a short throw projector is great for confined spaces like haunted houses. They're also great for doorway Hollusion projections because, often, the hallways leading up to the doorway can be tight or narrow. You get a ton of flexibility with a short throw projector that you don't often get with regular models.

Cut the Cords

If you already know about the AtmosKIT Plus, then you are well aware that it is compact in size, especially when you consider how powerful the lamp it is. That makes it really easy to hide. And being able to hide the projector is key for digital decorators.

What also makes it easy to hide? It does not need cords. None! The projector comes with a battery that lasts for up to six hours, so you don't need to hide your projector near an outlet or run extension cord out to it. That absolutely extends your ability to stun viewers with a digital display that is nowhere near a power source – creating greater impact.

The cordless options don't stop here –  the AtmosKIT Plus also has the ability to "mirror" the content on your phone or tablet. That means the projector will wirelessly project the exact same images that you are playing on on your phone.

Dive into the Decorations

Until now, we've just been talking about the benefits of the actual ViewSonic projector. But there is one thing about the AtmosKIT Plus that we simply cannot ignore. Actually, a dozen things. This projector kit comes with a 2-gigabyte USB drive that holds 12 AtmosFX individual digital decorations. That means you are instantly ready to celebrate multiple holidays – including Easter, Halloween and Christmas – the minute you open the box.

Of course, you're not limited to the 12 AtmosFX Digital Decorations contained in the kit – there are hundreds of additional digital decorations at that can easily be displayed on the AtmosKIT Plus. And given that there are so many places to use it, you'll never run out of places to digitally decorate!


To learn more about the AtmosKIT Plus, including the digital decorations included in the kit, click here. And, too, if you have found a clever way to use your AtmosKIT Plus, we want to see it. You can send us your photos and videos here.

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