How to Entertain Guests With ‘Enchanted Snowman’

This is the time of year that is meant to be shared with family and friends. So why not invite a joyful snowman to join you? He’s perfect for holiday entertaining – he’s lively and charming, never makes a mess, and you don’t have to feed him a thing. (That last piece of pecan pie is all yours!)

Of course, we’re talking about Enchanted Snowman, our newest digital decoration. Consisting of five individual decorations, this collection follows the antics of a jovial snowman who rollicks in a winter wonderland, entertaining all who encounter him. And to help you get acquainted, we’ve put together some great ideas how this jovial snowman will bring joy into your home.

Welcome Guests with a Friendly Face

What better says “home for the holidays” than a friendly face peering out the window? Projecting Enchanted Snowman onto your front window might just be the most popular way to use this digital decoration. Simply place Window Projection Material in your window, train your projector on it, and let this irrepressible snowman do his thing. The digital decoration is formatted for both vertical and horizontal windows, so pick the one that is most prominent. Whether you are greeting family as they arrive from out-of-town, or using your window as part of an extensive Christmas display, Enchanted Snowman will bring joy to all who encounter him.

If There’s a Wall, There’s a Way

Windows may be a popular spot to project this digital decoration but, in truth, Enchanted Snowman looks great anywhere – on the walls, on the ceiling, on the garage door, you name it. The playful winter scenes will integrate seamlessly into any Christmas decoration display, especially if there is snow on the ground. Simply project onto the side of our house or the garage door and it will give your display an increased dynamism and depth.

It works great indoors, too. If there’s a bare wall in your house during a holiday party that needs some pizazz, shine your projector on it. Heck, ceilings work, too. And if you set up a miniature Christmas village display as part of your interior decorating, consider using a mini-projector to display Enchanted Snowman on the wall behind it to really make it come alive.

And don’t forget, too, that even if you don’t have a projector, Enchanted Snowman (like all AtmosFX Digital Decorations) works on any television. So if you have an unused TV or computer monitor during your holiday entertaining, you can always turn it into a playful decoration. The kids will thank you.

Create Something Special: Snowglobe Mode

Here’s something special: Each individual decoration in the Enchanted Snowman collection comes with a special display mode called “snowglobe mode,” perfect for projecting on circles and spheres. Essentially, each of the five individual decorations are re-imagined as though they take place amidst the swirling flurries of a snowglobe. Simply take a hula hoop, two pool floaties taped together in a circle (or any other circle you can imagine) and cover it with some Window Projection Material. When you project Enchanted Snowman in snowglobe mode, you’ll get exactly that – a simulated snowglobe!

The effect works great on spheres, too. Any light-colored round object, like a crystal ball from your old Halloween display works great, as you can see from the photo above. A white beach ball will work great, too – the bigger the better! For those of you who projected Halloween Moon onto similarly round objects this past October, you’ll know how slick snowglobe mode can be.

We know there are countless other ways you can use Enchanted Snowman as part of your holiday display – how will YOU use it? Make sure to send your photos and videos to us via our handy submission form. We can’t wait to see your creativity – and we know there are countless AtmosFANS from around the world who’d like to see them too!

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