AtmosFAN Builds a Masterful Pumpkin Patch

It has been awhile since we’ve featured a Halloween display as the AtmosFAN of Week. And given that The Big Day is only 284 days away (not that we’re counting), we thought it was about time to sit down with a pillowcase full of fun-size Butterfingers, watch a new video, and pay proper respect to someone who did Halloween right.

And that would be Bob Wexler of Toluca Lake, Calif. He has created a visually stunning pumpkin patch that is an absolutely masterpiece!

There is so much detail to look at here – we have happily re-watched the video over and over. What is really extraordinary is the pacing of the display. There are more than a dozen different characters (in the form of props and animatronics) here, yet it doesn’t seem cluttered or overwrought. It all just works.

We particularly love the “pumpkin fly traps” on each side of the video frame. Bob handmade each one of these imaginative riffs on the Venus fly trap and – and, of course, the black comedy-musical “Little Shop of Horrors.” He says he also has real live pumpkin vines growing throughout the display.

Of course, we quickly spotted Halloween Moon and Trick ’r Treat digital decorations right in the center. Both look great and fit right in. One technicality: We don’t know if Bob should get docked points – or receive bonus points – for creating the first pumpkin patch in known history that features AtmosFX Digital Decorations, yet does NOT include Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 1 or 2. On second thought: It looks so good – we’re going with bonus points.

Bob says that each year he builds a different Halloween presentation around a specific theme – each Halloween his display is uniquely different. That’s impressive in itself. Then, when he tells you that it took him only about two weeks to bring this fantastical pumpkin patch to life? Amazing!

Great stuff, Bob!

Have you been meaning to send us your Halloween video, but just haven’t had the chance? What’s better than celebrating Halloween in January? Or any month, really? We still want to see your creations – and so do so many other digital decorators around the world! Just send us your photos and videos using this easy-to-use submission form!

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