'Paranormal Passage' to be Unleashed on August 11

The spirits are getting restless. Coming August 11, they will officially burst into this human realm – in the form of AtmosFX’s newest digital decoration, Paranormal Passage.

The first of several Halloween-themed digital decorations set for 2017, Paranormal Passage consists of three poltergeist-packed scenes that prove how fragile the barrier between the paranormal and human existence can be. Could the spirits of the underworld have finally discovered a portal into this earthly plane? And could your home be their terrifying entry point?

Paranormal Passage will feature wall, window, TV and Hollusion modes, in both horizontal and vertical orientations. In addition, it also includes two additional versions for extra creep – spotlight and flashlight – revealing terrors in unique ways.

The complete collection of Paranormal Passage consists of three individual scenes that can be purchased together or individually. They are:

  • Spectral Surfaces - What protects us from the paranormal is perilously thin – will the agents of the underworld finally break through? Otherworldly hands and faces stretch through your wall or any surface imaginable – pushing the limits of this dimension and your courage.
  • Facade of Fright - It’s not just your mind that’s cracking up, your wall is too! Behind those expanding cracks and holes, a most unnerving poltergeist probes for a way into your room – and your mind.
  • Possessed Portrait - Is this gruesome gallery a wall of portraits? Or a portal for evil? A spirit seems to have possessed a 17th-century portrait displayed in this gallery. Will it find a way to seize your soul, too?

Paranormal Passage will be available August 11, 2017, as a high-definition (HD) digital download only at the AtmosFX Online Store. The complete collection will retail for $24.99, or $9.99 for each individual scene.

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