How to Keep Santa in Your Home for More Than One Night

Of course, Santa is rarely seen when he makes his rounds on Christmas night – a bite of a cookie, some gifts under the tree. That’s his M.O. But for all of us who wish the joyful spirit of Santa would stick around for much longer, we’ve got a plan. And no, we’re not talking kidnapping.

As you know, AtmosFX has created many digital decorations for the holiday season, four of which feature jolly ol’ St. Nick himself. What are they, you ask? Night Before Christmas, Santa’s Workshop, Santa’s Sleigh Ride and Santa’s Visit. With a week to go before Santa’s nightly journey, here are a few ways to get Santa to hang around your home for as long as you like!


With his finger aside his nose and gentle a nod, Santa can make a quick exit. With Hollusion Projection Material placed in the doorway or archway, Santa can come and go as quickly – and as often – as you like! Night Before Christmas and Santa’s Sleigh Ride both have Hollusion Mode displays, which means Santa can surprise party guests or excited youngsters at a moment’s notice. We’ve even published a great how-to for setting this up! you can read that here.


There are two great props that proudly showcase Father Christmas. The first uses the “Moon Mode” Prop Display that many of you utilized with Halloween Moon. Essentially, take a Hula Hoop (or DIY something larger) and stretch Window  Projection Material tight over it. Place it someplace high and, then, project Santa’s Sleigh Ride on it and you’ll soon have a glorious full moon that frames Santa’s night flight.

Here’s another prop opportunity for those who are familiar with AtmosFX’s 3DFX Form. These are the inflatable props that mimic the shape of a human form and, when you project on them, they look like they’ve come alive! Some AtmosFX Digital Decorations come optimized for this, including Night Before Christmas. Sadly, they are sold out for the season. But, let’s see…what’s light in color, many of us have plenty of it during the winter, and is regularly piled into a (roughly) human form?! Seems like Santa could be singing Christmas carols in your yard as soon as the kids are done building a snowman!


Of course, “walls” will always be the obvious answer. (Or maybe second-obvious, considering the entry below.) After all, every AtmosFX Digital Decoration is made for any interior wall or ceiling. All four of the Santa-centric AtmosFX Digital Decorations can be projected anywhere – and they’ll be enjoyed anywhere. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or a family dinner, find an unused wall and begin projecting. It will bring joy to the room the minute you press play. (And it goes without saying: Anything you play on your wall, you can also play on your TV!)


And lastly, windows. We know that nearly everyone chooses to project digital decorations onto windows from inside the home. We approve! But that is intended to bring joy to those outside of the house. What about you? You, who live inside the house?! Many of you know that we get simply giddy when people project into their house from the outside. But we don’t have any videos of this! So what’s keeping some enterprising parents from setting this up on Christmas morning before their young children wake? Now that’s a video we’d like to see!

Who will send it to us?


The decorating options are countless – and we cannot wait to see how our creative AtmosFANs choose to use it this holiday season. Make sure to show us by sending your photos and videos to via this form!

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