Spring has Sprung with AtmosFAN’s Colorful Easter Display

How do you know it is Spring? While some might look for tulips and lilies to appear in the yard, or maybe the first shirtless guy in a convertible on a clear, sunny day, we know a much more reliable indicator is when the Easter inflatables begin to sprout!

By that measure, Easter is in full bloom in Boston, as we can see from this photo sent to us by Chris and Daisy H. They’ve done a great job playfully combining inflatables, color lights and the Hoppy Easter Decoration Collection in two different places.

As you can see from the photo, they are showcasing Hoppy Easter in two different locations – horizontally in the top window, and vertically in the front door. The front door appears to be the primo location for Chris year-round – he says that multiple families in the neighborhood will stop by every month to see what he’s projecting on the glass door.

“Gives us all something to do during this pandemic,” he says jokingly. (Sorta.)

Chris also goes all-out decorating for Halloween and Christmas, taking multiple days, a tradition he says was passed on from his father, who was known back in the day to make handmade Halloween inflatables using trash bags and computer fans. Chris follows in his dad’s footsteps, along with Daisy’s help (the Easter T-Rex was her idea). They both love adding their own touches and levels of detail – and AtmosFX Decorations, too.

Another way the couple is creating their own decorating path is making sure to decorate for more than just Halloween and Christmas. Chris playfully calls them the “off holidays,” but he’s sure to decorate for them, as he did for Easter. For these “off holidays,” he’ll spend just a few hours getting everything set up the way he likes it. But as the neighborhood families that stop by monthly can attest, the results are worth it!

Great job, Chris and Daisy, way to let everyone know that Easter is fast approaching – and it deserves to be celebrated! And when Easter is over, what will you be displaying in your window next? Whatever it is, we can’t wait to see it!

No matter what holiday you are celebrating, we know there’s a lot of great AtmosFX Decorations that can help you do it! We want to see how you celebrate by sending us photos and videos using this easy online submission form – you just might be honored as the next AtmosFAN of the Week!

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