Aussie AtmosFAN Dreaming of a Bright Christmas

Recently, we highlighted some AtmosFANs who have done the small things to create spectacular holiday celebrations. This week, we’re going straight to the spectacular. And to Australia, no less! Mark Tucker of Erskine Park, New South Wales, has put together a mind-blowingly elaborate Christmas decoration display that is so bright, and so big, we think we might be seeing some of its excess glow here on the other side of the earth.

But that’s not the only reason we love it. Besides the fact that Mark’s Christmas display is bigger than big itself, he really does an exemplary job mixing together many different digital decorating techniques, and doing them all extremely well.

It’s no surprise that Mark is skilled at this – he also decorates for Halloween, and has been doing so with AtmosFX Digital Decorations for four years. He says that it takes him a full month to tear down his Halloween decorations and assemble his Christmas decoration display. But by December 1, he’s always ready to flip the switch and turn on the lights, considerable as they are.

Mark says his Christmas decoration display draws thousands of people each year from around the greater Sydney metropolitan area. If it weren’t covered in the local newspapers and promoted on its own Facebook page (which you can click on here), perhaps all those visitors would be able to get there anyway by just driving toward the light on the horizon?

Of course, it isn’t just the bright lights that makes his display so attractive. It is the whole package. Mark has five projectors running at once, three beefy high-lumen Epsons for the larger displays of Santa’s Workshop, Night Before Christmas and Christmas Carolers digital decoration collections, and two smaller projectors for the animated snowglobes featuring the Enchanted Snowman Digital Decoration Collection.

It is worth noting that the snowglobes are nothing more than exercise balls placed on a small stand, yet they look so shiny and bright when projected upon. As for the large displays, Mark is back-projecting all three large images. While Mark is not using official Hollusion Projection Material for the projection in the foreground, he did an amazing job finding and deploying a fabric that practically melts invisibly away.

But perhaps here’s how we know that Mark’s display is truly magical: Sydney’s temperatures in December can reach as high as 43 degrees Celsius – that’s 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, judging by his video, we all can almost feel the cold chill blowing directly from the North Pole. Fantastic work, Mark! 

No matter where you live on this planet, we want to see how you celebrate Christmas and the rest of the winter holidays! Send your photos and videos to us, and we’ll share them ’round the world as part of AtmosFAN of the Week blogposts. It is easy – just submit using this online form right here!

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