AtmosFANs Bring Halloween to the Campground

The list of the many ways we are inspired by AtmosFANs is long and varied. Sometimes we are blown away by the sheer size and spectacle of our fans's displays. Other times, we are moved by the unexpected ways our fans choose to use AtmosFX Digital Decorations – ways we never even imagined. And then there are times when we are delighted to discover a community, often Halloween-related, that we never knew existed.

That is certainly the case for Michael and Violet Soey of Mexico, Missouri. They have brought their Halloween display to a unique event called the Halloween Walk at Indian Creek Campground. There, campers at more than 70 campsites set up elaborate Halloween displays on the shores of Mark Twain Lake, creating a weekend-long Halloween celebration. For this one weekend, two campsite loops are reserved only for campers willing to create elaborate Halloween displays.

As you can see from the video, the Soeys built the facade of the witch's cottage, with a projection screen serving as the main window. Using the electrical hookups provided at each campsite, Michael and Violet then back-projected the Witching Hour Digital Decoration onto the cottage's window. "People kept looking for the projector in the front and couldn't figure it out," Violet tells us. "They asked a lot of questions about how we did it. The kids loved it. They wouldn't move on. The parents had to drag them away."

There were a lot of kids that weekend that needed to be dragged away. More than 8,200 people attended the two-day event, which takes place near Monroe City, Missouri, on the third weekend of of October. This unique Halloween event has been hosted by the Mark Twain Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Corps of Engineers for 34 years. (For photos of the entire event, click here.)

This was the first year that the Soeys participated in the Halloween Walk – and their first year using AtmosFX Digital Decorations. But they had such a good time, they're already hard at work developing a wild west–themed display for next year. After all, Halloween is only a half-year away!

Great stuff, Michael and Violet! We love seeing the unique ways communities across the globe celebrate Halloween! And make sure to send us photos of next year's display!

Are you part of a community that celebrates Halloween – or other holidays – in unusual ways? And do you use AtmosFX Digital Decorations when doing so? If so, we want you to tell us about it! Send us photos and videos by using the handy AtmosFAN of the Week Application!

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