Elf Village Spreads the Christmas Spirit

With a little less than a week to go ’till Christmas, many of us could use a break. Why not a cup of hot cocoa ... served by Santa’s elves?

This week we return to Brentwood, California, where Jason M. and family have created a lovely elf village for the Christmas season. Many of you might recognize Jason as the genius who turned his garage door into a haunted mausoleum, something that earned him an AtmosFAN of the Week honor. Now, a little less than two months later, we're back in Jason’s front yard.

We love how Jason and his family have gone all-in on the elf village concept. From the fake snow (Aw, to live in the sunny California climate), the elf skating pond, the elf snowball fight, the reindeer stables, and so on – the minute level of detail is amazing! (Pun intended.)

Jason was also intentional in the way he set up his AtmosFX Decorations. To display Night Before Christmas and Santa’s Workshop in Santa’s house and the elf workshop, he had to do some coordination. He set up two 42-inch TVs in the “windows,” with a Micca Speck G2 Media Player plugged into each. Jason wanted to make sure that Santa never appeared at the same time on both screens. So he built two 15-minute playlists, re-organizing the scenes and buffers on each so that when Santa walks out of a scene on one screen, he enters a scene on the other.

And speaking of detail, we also must call out the dual hot cocoa stations – one for humans and another for elves. Jason says his daughter runs the human hot cocoa stand each weekend from 6:00 to 8:00. And, as the signage says, it is all free – they won’t even accept tips. “She serves between 50-80 cups in the two hours she’s outside on Friday and Saturday evenings,” Jason says. “It helps people stick around and watch the show.”

It also helps spread holiday spirit! Jason, we love your creative handmade display. And even more importantly, we love how you and your family generously celebrate the spirit of the season!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, but we’ll continue to share our favorite Christmas-themed displays well past the Big Day! Inspire others by sending your photos and videos using this easy online submission form! You may be featured as the next AtmosFAN of the Week, just like Jason and his family!

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