'Santa's Sleigh Ride' Delivers Christmas Cheer

How does ol' St. Nick deliver so many gifts every Christmas Eve? The inquisitive animators at AtmosFX have answered this question with a jubilant new digital decoration collection, Santa's Sleigh Ride.

Join Santa and his reindeer as they take part in their yearly journey, delivering toys and goodies to the children of the world. Will he be able to complete his mission before his young recipients awake Christmas morning? Fasten your seatbelts – Santa has a few tricks to ensure his nighttime voyage is a success.

Rendered in high-definition (1080p), Santa’s Sleigh Ride can be displayed in multiple display modes, including window, wall, TV, Hollusion – and the all-new "Moon Mode."

Moon Mode features Santa flying his sleigh in front of a glorious full moon, providing digital decorators countless new ways to capture Santa's magic. Projecting Moon Mode onto foamboard cut into a circle, for example, will ensure Santa is sighted gliding near your home or business all night long. A Christmas Village instantly becomes even more captivating when Moon Mode is projected onto the wall behind it. Or, Moon Mode can turn a white styrofoam ball – or any white sphere – into a three-dimensional effect.

Of course, Santa's Sleigh Ride also looks great on windows, television screens or on AtmosFX's Hollusion Projection Material. The opportunities are limitless!

Santa's Sleigh Ride is available for download now. Priced at $24.99 for the complete collection, or $9.99 for individual scenes, it is an inexpensive – and fun – way to entertain your friends, neighbors and guests as Santa makes his deliveries this holiday season.

Celebrate the spirit of the season in an entertaining new way – download Santa's Sleigh Ride now!

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