AtmosFAN Creates a ‘Singing Snowman’ Choir

Like so many other holiday decorators this season, Robert N. has taken quite a liking to one of our most melodic decoration collections, Singing Snowman. But here’s what’s different – not only has he created multiple display modes to present them at his Naperville, Ill., home, he’s tweaked the pitch of each one ever-so-slightly, creating a choir of silver-tongued snowmen.

Robert’s video is both a great look at his home display as well as something of a “how-to” showing how he put it all together. As you might guess, Robert is something of a decorating whiz. He says it takes him a few days to set up the display.

Then he adds: “Spent a few hundred hours video editing.”

For his Christmas display, Robert built a 6-foot-tall snowman for his roof and a 6-foot-diameter snowglobe for his yard. For the snowman, Robert learned that he was going to need to pre-distort the image to correct for the large projection angle. A smart idea – and we think it looks good.

As for the snowglobe, Robert built it a couple years back to display the Enchanted Snowman Decoration Collection. But when AtmosFX released Singing Snowman, Robert had another idea: Create a choir of singing snowmen. More on that below.

Robert also built a projection box that features a heater (for when the system is off), and a vent (for when the system is running). Oh, and he built a controller that allows him to run all multiple projectors at the same time. In this Christmas display, he’s got four going at once; during Halloween he’ll have six.

Back to Robert’s choir. Knowing that he’d be displaying Singing Snowman simultaneously in Window Mode, Prop Mode (snowman on the roof), and Decorating Disc XL Mode, he played around with the audio files to slightly change the pitch for each of the snowmen. When he projected them all together with the adjusted audio, he had himself a three-part harmony.

“It does not sound perfect,” he tells us, “but what the heck, they are snowmen!”

It’s music to our ears, Robert! This clever modification is the type of thing that always brings us joy. And, clearly, it is bringing joy to all of your neighbors, too. Great work!

Christmas is soon approaching, so make sure to take photos and videos of your holiday display. Send them to us using this simple online submission form, and you’ll bring good cheer to decorators around the world! (Us, too!) Moreover, you may be named AtmosFAN of the Week and earn a free decoration collection!

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