The Making of Bone Chillers

Can't get enough of AtmosFX behind-the-scenes? Read what Pete Reichert and Pete Williams, the co-founders of AtmosFX, had to say about the making of Bone Chillers.

Why did you create Bone Chillers?

PR: I have no idea. But if I had to's because our fans have been asking for skeletons for years. In a poll we did last year, it was by far the most requested digital decoration.

PW: Skeletons and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly. I can tell you we did not create it for simplicity. Animating skeletons is very tedious and complicated. For every second of animation on screen, there are at least four hours spent staring at a computer, creating key poses, fine-tuning the in-between movements, simulating dynamic effects (such as cloth or cobwebs), etc. It's a lot more work than most people probably realize. And because we're such a small crew, it's up to two or three people to produce the kind of workload that would normally be delegated to at least four different departments at a larger studio. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Why the name Bone Chillers?

PW: It was on our shortlist of favorite names. Then we held another fan poll for name suggestions and it was one of the favorites submitted. But our biggest fan favorite suggestion was "Walmart Sell Out." Though in actuality we haven't sold out to Walmart...yet.

PR: I grew up watching Chiller Thriller on TV in NY. It was a 'kid-friendly' horror showcase during the mid-to-late 70s and one of my favorite shows to watch Saturday mornings. The show featured a lot of skeletons. So Bone Chillers just felt...right.

Why is Bone Chillers labeled a 'Universal' AtmosFEARfx Product?

PR: We define it as a universal digital decoration because we incorporated both scary and family-friendly versions on the same DVD. So this decoration has something for everyone. We intend to create more universal digital decorations in the future.

PW: We thought this was a better service to folks who might need to access different kinds of content for different occasions. For example, someone that hosts an "adult" party for Halloween could use scary scenes like 'Skeleton Surprise' or 'Pop-Up Panic' on their TV as a party prop/scare. And that same person could dress up their front window with family-friendly versions like 'Boneyard Band' or 'Numskulls' to entertain trick-or-treats and neighbors.

How do you begin planning for a new product like Bone Chillers?

PW: I leave that for Pete Reichert to handle.

PR: I ignore concepting and pre-production until Pete Williams has no choice but to start planning or we'll miss our deadline.

What was your favorite part of making Bone Chillers?

PR: Conceptualizing the various skits and coming up with new things for skeletons to do.

PW: Finishing it.

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