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200 Horror Music Videos for Halloween  - The Nominated | AtmosFX

200 Horror Music Videos for Halloween - The Nominated

It is less than a month ‘till Halloween so it's time we start thinking: PARTY!

We know you all do, too. And since even we can’t spend every waking moment trying to build a giant Gigan monster out of old power tools, we put together a list of our favorite Horror/Halloween-themed music videos.  We asked the team to nominate and vote and we came up with 200 videos for you to enjoy and you will see AtmosFX's favorites!

It is an eclectic mix, to be sure. But we Halloween decorators are an eclectic mix, too. So have a look, and let us know your faves. And when you’re done displaying your digital decorations for the night, plug in your laptop to the projector and start running some of these videos. It’ll keep the party going all night!

NOTE: Many of these videos are scary or gory or might contain adult language or scenes.

First up, we’re going to show you the runner-ups. Or, at least in our mind, the ones that didn’t get any votes from the AtmosFX Team. Even though these are the bottom 74 in the pile, we think you’ll agree, they’re still pretty great – kind of in the same way the horror film “Cheerleader Camp” is great.

And here are links to the rest of the 200:

74 Videos That Were Good Enough To Be Nominated But Not To Receive A Vote

    And here are links to the rest of the 200:

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