Boo Crew gets Ghost-Busted from AtmosFAN Kyle Porter

This week’s AtmosFAN of the Week comes again from YouTube, where Kyle Porter has shared his very impressive skills for Halloween decorating. This full-house display features a wide-array of digital decorations and decorating techniques, topped off with a car outfitted like the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. Halloween costumes aren’t just for humans!

Our favorite friendly ghosts from Boo Crew appear all over this multi-decoration extravaganza, including a fantastic execution of the Boo Crew 3DFX Form trio to be seen at 0:38 in the video. A little bit of mood lighting from the chandelier above the trio really adds to the ambience!

At around 2:52, you can even see a decoration projected on a wall inside of the house, rather than the traditional approach of projecting directly onto the window. This excellent illusion makes it look like a ghost is really creeping up the stairs! We’d love to see other decorators try out this technique too, so be sure to send in your photos and videos.

Welcome to the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame, Kyle! Your rewards await, so send an email to to claim your prize. Every winning entry wins 1000 Kudos and a free decoration coupon.

If you want to win a spot as our next AtmosFAN of the week, click here to fill out our AtmosFAN submission form!

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