Atmosfan’s Virtual Background Gives Us a Laugh

Last week we got a good laugh at an AtmosFAN who used digital decorations to express how his family felt after months adhering to his state’s stay-at-home order. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Well, this week we got a similar chuckle from Dave Smith of Plymouth Meeting, Penn., who also used Zombie Invasion! Digital Decoration Collection as part of a Zoom virtual background. (You can see it above.) He, like so many of us, has been using the video conferencing software to take part in countless work meetings each day.

“This is how I feel after five or six Zoom calls,” he says with a smile … with probably a tinge of exhaustion.

We are right with you, Dave!

Dave’s video conferencing weltschmerz serves as a great reminder that we have released multiple collections of digital decorations that are optimized for Zoom virtual backgrounds – allowing you to express joy, surprise … even world pain. You can check out all of our virtual background collections here, and you can read a simple “how-to” here.

Thanks for the laugh, Dave! Now, how about the rest of you?! How are you using AtmosFX Digital Decorations on your Zoom calls, or at your home? We want to see it! Make sure to send your photos and videos to us using this easy submission form!

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