AtmosFAN Builds Simple, yet Dynamic, Wreath

Looking for a simple way to take a holiday wreath and turn it into a decoration that people cannot take their eyes off of? And do so in a matter of minutes?

That’s what Christopher Turner of Montclair, Calif., did. And here’s the best part: He did it by utilizing the portion of the wreath that nobody ever thinks to use – the hole!

You might recognize Christopher from earlier this year when we recognized him for creating simple, circular displays that he could use to decorate birthday parties and celebrations. (You can read the article here.) Of course, what he’s done here is even simpler. And who doesn’t like saving a little time and effort this time of year?!

So what did Chirstopher do? He simply found an AtmosFX Digital Decoration that is formatted for an AtmosFX Decorating Disc. That, simply put, is a circle! And that, of course, is the same shape for the hole in the wreath! Voila!

It is as simple as that: Christopher projected the circular-formatted version of Enchanted Snowman Digital Decoration Collection into the middle of the holiday wreath. (He could have also used Singing Snowman, Yuletide Window and Santa’s Sleigh Ride – all Christmas-themed digital decorations that are optimized for projection as a circle.)

We think it looks great – it is an effective and nearly effortless way to upgrade your holiday display into something that will absolutely capture people’s attention! Great job, Christopher!

Christmas is coming soon – how are you decorating for the holiday? Send us your photos and videos using this simple online form and you might win a free digital decoration collection for being named AtmosFAN of the Week!

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