Great Ways to Use ‘Trick ’r Treat’

You don’t need to have seen the movie to appreciate the morbid humor that comes with AtmosFX’s Trick ’r Treat Decoration Collection. Of course, if you have seen the movie, you’ll know exactly why this mysterious character in a burlap-sack mask dispenses his own unique brand of grisly justice on unsuspecting victims. Either way, Halloween fans have discovered some great ways to love this unique decoration.

Daron Thomas of Greenfield, Indiana, and his family have been fans of the film Trick ’r Treat since it was released – so they re-created some of their favorite scenes in their doorway. Read about it at the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

Created in partnership with Michael Dougherty, the director of the 2007 indie horror film of the same name, this Halloween decoration remains true to the theme of the original movie. Sam – the costumed character in the mask – dispenses his own unique brand of grisly justice on anyone who does not adhere to the traditions of Halloween.

Of course, those who come to see your Halloween decoration display don’t need to have seen the movie to appreciate it. They’ll simply see a captivating display that celebrates Halloween traditions in its own unique way. Here are some great ways to use it.

Who’s at the Door?

Like most AtmosFX Decorations, you have options to display in horizontal and vertical formats. But because the Trick ’r Treat Decoration Collection (like the movie) steadfastly focuses on the trick-or-treat experience, that means it is just perfect for displaying in your doorway – particularly your front door. Thus, all of the decorations contained in the collection have scenes optimized for what is called “Doorway Mode.”

Doorway Mode is essentially Window Mode, but the scenes are optimized for vertical presentation. So take advantage of your front door! If you have a glass door, this is the easiest. Close the door and stretch some semi-opaque material (like AtmosFX’s Window Projection Material) over it, just like you would do for a window. If you don’t have a glass door, you can open the door and tape or tack that same projection material over the opening. Just remember, you won’t be able to use this door!

Now, from behind the door, project the “Doorway Mode” individual decorations from Trick ’r Treat. To make sure it looks realistic, you’ll want to move the projector so that the full frame of the projection fits the doorway. Once you’ve done this, you are set. From the outside, it will appear that you have a new front door, and Sam will be at the forefront of some pretty amusing – and macabre – events that take place behind it.

Now, Where is Sam?!

Although Doorway Mode projections are a very popular way of displaying the Trick ’r Treat Decoration, there are additional astounding ways to do so. Projecting the antics of Sam as a Hollusion is sure to wow any crowd. As we described above, Doorway Mode projections are essentially Window Mode projections – except that they are in your door. You can use the same technique with Hollusion Projection Material with slightly different – yet still amazing – results.

When you place Hollusion Projection Material in your door (or window), visitors and trick-or-treaters will be able to see through it into your home. However, because of the way the material is designed, it can still pick up and display the images from the projector. This means the mischievous antics of Sam will be even more mysterious, because he will appear and disappear in your home, sometime in what appears to be thin air!

To create this effect, just make sure you select individual decorations that are created for Hollusion Mode. There are both horizontal versions (best for most windows) and vertical versions (ideal for doorways). One trick: Make sure your projector isn’t directly in front of the surface on which you are projecting – but rather slightly to either side, or slightly above or below. This way, people won’t be able to see the projector or the brightness of the bulb, but only the projection in your doorway or window.

Simply Terrifying

Lastly, with all this talk of doorway projections and Hollusion projections, one might forget that the easiest ways to display the Trick ’r Treat Decoration is on your windows and on your walls. As we have established, projecting on your windows is just like projecting in your doorway – just cover with Window Projection Material and get started! As for walls – there’s nothing easier. Find a blank surface, indoors or out, and begin projecting Trick ’r Treat. People viewing your Halloween decoration display are sure to love the antics of the burlap-masked Sam – whether they’ve seen the movie or not!

How will you use Trick ’r Treat Decoration this Halloween season? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and we will post some of our favorite examples!

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