A Colorful Halloween Display, Completely in Sync

Now that springtime is here, we’re craving the jolt that comes from bright, colorful digital decoration displays. After all, we made Hoppy Easter Digital Decoration, which is exactly that.

But because we’re AtmosFX, we especially love it when that jolt comes from bright and colorful Halloween displays – in March. Especially in March! For this reason, we were delighted to come across this video sent to us by Robert Crouch, who put together a dazzling display at his home in Indianapolis, Indiana.

There is so much to love about Robert’s Halloween display. For starters, it is a great example of a display that aims to cover every last inch of a house – yet, it still isn’t busy. As you can see, he’s got multiple digital decorations going at the same time, including Boo Crew and Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree, among many others. (The "Moon Mode" projection of Halloween Moon, by the way, is fantastic!)

One of the ways Robert keeps things uncluttered is by syncing his displays through a computer. To do so, Robert is using Falcon Player (FPP) software, which he runs on small inexpensive computers called Raspberry Pi. “One of the RPi computers is the master and the rest are remotes,” he says. “The master keeps the playlists on each of the remotes synchronized for playback.”

The result is that the projectors are synchronized, and each of the displays relate to each other. For example, when the Boneyard Band (from Bone Chillers) plays in one window, dancing takes place in another window. It really makes the entire display sing – and it certainly brings everything together.

Robert says he’s been decorating with AtmosFX Digital Decorations since 2016 – each year he adds more and more digital and physical effects. “We get comments during setup, the entire month of October, and during tear-down,” Robert says. “Our neighbors can’t wait to see what we’ll add each year.”

Not just his neighbors love it. So does Robert’s six-year-old daughter, Riley – she of the video’s title. And we’re sure Riley is going to have even more to enjoy this upcoming Halloween – we know we can’t wait to see it! Great stuff, Robert!

Now is a good time to revisit your past digital decoration displays … because it is time to prepare for your next one! As you go through your photos and videos, make sure to send them to us – your creativity can inspire countless others! And, too, you might even be crowned AtmosFAN of the Week! Do so here!

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