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Who doesn’t love a giant Godzilla-size Halloween prop? We know we do. But sometimes, the best props are the ones you’re not expecting – like something casually placed on a tabletop, as though it is quietly waiting to startle a victim. That’s what we have with this nifty little prop from Damin K. of Aurora, Illinois.

Many know that AtmosFX’s UnLiving Portraits Decoration Collection has been, for years, a go-to decoration for not just Halloween decorators, but also practical jokers. For those not familiar with it, the decoration looks as though it is simply a collection of musty old portraits. But very quickly, you’ll notice that these portraits are unlike any other – they appear to be haunted!

We’ve seen some decorators build entire false walls around TV screens to sell the effect. Others, like Damin, prefer to go small and use simple picture frames to create the same effect.

Similarly, we’ve seen decorators frame just one of the three characters included in UnLiving Portraits, while some, like Damin, place two together. And if you place all three together, something incredible happens – they engage with each other. And when we say “engage,” what we really mean is that they attack each other, as if they’ve finally found the perfect moment to exact some vengeance for age-old family grudge.

But the reason we like Damin’s display so much? It’s a great reminder that great Halloween effects come in all shapes and sizes, large and small. And you certainly don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to create something that everyone will talk about.

In the case of Damin, he copied UnLiving Portraits onto a pair of Amazon Fire HD 8 tablets, then made two picture frames using a 3D printer. (Some decorators have found success buying frames at thrift stores, drug stores or frame shops.) We love how Damin “weathered” the frames with spray paint and acrylics. “The effect was meant to mimic copper leaf over old wood,” he tells us. It works!

If you are interested in incorporating UnLiving Portraits into your Halloween display, there’s a great resource here, showcasing a lot of different ways to use the decoration. And remember, too, that another AtmosFX Decoration – UnLiving Portraits: Halloween Hosts – has formatted in the same way, which means you’ll have twice as many opportunities to startle your guests!

It’s not too early to start thinking about your upcoming Halloween display! Send us your photos and videos of previous Halloweens, or maybe something you are currently working on for future Halloweens. Each submission will earn you Kudos for use in the AtmosFX online store, and those selected as AtmosFAN of the Week will receive a complete decoration collection of their choice!

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