Clever AtmosFAN Builds Mysterious Mirror

This time of year, many of us are faced with two distinct choices: finally take down last year’s Christmas display … or start a new project for Halloween! We think the choice is obvious. So, to give you inspiration, we bring you Shawn Wilson of Salina, Kansas. Using Ghostly Apparitions 3 Digital Decoration Collection and a one-way mirror, he’s created a haunting prop that is truly jaw-dropping. 
As we have said many times before – we are always drawn to digital decorations that are set up in locations where people least expect it. And a mirror is exactly that. After all, people instinctively look into a mirror and expect to see themselves. Not a freaky pair of ghostly twins!

The beauty of Shawn’s display is that, as stunning as it is, it is fairly easy to make. The trick, of course, is a one-way mirror. (And, of course, a projector that can be placed behind the mirror – short-throw projectors often work best.) Simply place the projector behind the mirror in the dark, and focus the beam on the backside of the mirror glass. Voila!

From there, how detailed you want to make your mirror is up to you. Frame it with something simple, as Shawn did, or decorate it ornate and creepy to fit the rest of your Halloween display. Or, go bigger and take some drywall or plywood and mount the one-way mirror on a false wall. And, too, you can really up the scare factor by hooking up a Sprite Media Player with Motion Sensor to your projector – as people approach your mirror they’ll trigger the motion sensor and get the scare of their lives.

Shawn tells us that this past Halloween was his first year working with AtmosFX Digital Decorations. It took him about five hours to get his display just the way he wanted it. We think it is an amazing start.

“I learned a lot with this first attempt,” Shawn says. “Already planning version 2.0 for next year!”

We can’t wait to see it! Great work!

Who is brainstorming new projects for Halloween 2022? If you are already hard at work (and why wouldn’t you be?), we want to see what you are working on! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and you’ll inspire countless others! Plus, you might be named AtmosFAN of the Week and win a free digital decoration collection!

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