Meet the Monsters of Halloween Monster Bash

As you probably already know, Halloween Monster Bash is one of the four new digital decoration collections we released for Halloween this year.

Creating these decorations can take months of pre-planning and production – from writing scripts, finalizing character designs, modeling and animation, and final rendering. And that doesn’t even include adding lighting, sound effects, and music!

One of the first things we focus on when designing a new digital decoration is character development. As a part of this process, our resident artists will go through many sketches until final character designs are approved. Then, they create detailed drawings of each character at multiple angles for our 3D artists to reference when they start building the models.

We love the characters in Halloween Monster Bash, so we'd like to share some of the concept art that was created for these iconic monsters!

Wolfman turn-around

Frankenstein's Monster turn-around

Witch turn-around

Mummy turn-around

Dracula turn-around

What do you think? Does the final decoration look like these characters? Were there other characters you would have liked to see us create? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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