Great Ways to Use ‘Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle’

In 2022 AtmosFX released a new decoration that chose to honor characters that are inextricably and unmistakably linked with Halloween. Halloween eternals, so to speak. Called The Legends of Halloween Decoration Collection, the three initial inductees are synonymous with the season: the Headless Horseman, the Grim Reaper, and the Pumpkin King.


Now, for 2023, we have our next Halloween legend – a gothic guardian dedicated to warding off evil spirits. This new decoration is named, appropriately enough, Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle.

Ever since the middle ages, this fantastical stone beast has taken its lonely post atop giant structures, warding off evil spirits that approach from below. But as it breathes fire and unfurls its menacing wings, can we truly know if the Gargoyle is protecting humankind from evil spirits? Or, perhaps the Gargoyle is an evil spirit, itself?

Visitors to your home will ponder these questions as they engage with this exquisitely detailed medieval monster, no matter where you choose to display it. Whether you display it on your windows, walls or TV, or on Hollusion Projection Material or the Decorating Disc XL, Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle is certain to be an breathtaking addition to your Halloween story.

So, what are some good ways to display this captivating beast? We have some great ideas for you.

Highlight the High Places

Let’s start with the obvious. Gargoyles famously live high up in the air, perched on stone precipices where they can gaze upon the mortals below. So why not display Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle up high, as well? You have plenty of great options.

Start with Hollusion Projection Material. If you have easy (and safe!) access to your roof or balcony that faces the street, string the material up there. As the sun sets in the evening, the Hollusion Projection Material will fade into darkness, rendering it nearly invisible. Then, project the Gargoyle onto the material. You can make it look like this medieval stone beast has settled on your roof or balcony, sizing up the trick-or-treaters as they approach your home.

One great thing about Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle is that the many of the individual decorations start and stop with the Gargoyle in exactly the same pose. That means it is the perfect decoration to play on loop, over and over, all night long. When the Gargoyle is sitting still, it might be mistaken for an exquisitely detailed animatronic placed on your roof. But when it arises from its solitary perch, stretching its wings and breathing fire?! Needless to say, it will have everyone’s attention!

Another great way to place the Gargoyle in a high place is by using the AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL. This is a lightweight circular projection screen that measures 43 inches in diameter. You can hang the Decorating Disc XL in a high tree branch, or perhaps from an awning on your house. Any place up high! Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle features a mode that displays the decoration in a circular format, enabling you to project onto the disc wherever you place it. Imagine what your visitors might think when they spot the Gargoyle quietly sitting in the tree canopy, observing their every step!

A Guardian of Windows and Walls

Just because the Gargoyle is known for settling on high pedestals doesn’t mean there aren’t terrific terrestrial uses for the decoration, as well. Many Halloween fans will start with creating a Window Mode Display, because the technique is an easy way to create a compelling decoration for the entire neighborhood to see. You can do so by simply placing Window Projection Material in a prominent window of your house and then projecting any AtmosFX Decoration onto it from the inside your house.

In the case of Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle, the characters come with scenes with included backgrounds or without. (This is true for most AtmosFX Decorations.) That means when you display the decoration in your window, you have the choice of making it appear as though this stone beast is flying through your darkened house or, with the background displaying, you can make your neighbors think that your home has become a portal to commanding arches of a gothic cathedral.

This is really effective when you consider that windows at the front of the house can be a very effective backdrop for the entirety of your Halloween display. For example, if the theme of your Halloween display is a dungeon or decrepit castle, it might make perfect sense to have the watchful gaze of the Gargoyle in the background, displayed from your window.

As for projecting on walls, it is probably the most trouble-free way of displaying just about any AtmosFX Decoration. It is true for Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle, too.

Whether you shine the projector beam in the garage to create the look of a dungeon, or on the garage door because, uh, it just looks amazing – you’ll be in great decorating shape. Or, if you have a blank space high upon your home, point the projector there. The gargoyle will look as though it has taken its spot above it all. This will work particularly well if you have a support beam, window sill or similar architectural feature that will allow you to make it appear that Gargoyle is perched on that feature.

Small Ways to Display Big Things

Lastly, it might not be the first thing you think of, but Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle also looks great on a TV, computer monitor or tablet. It might mean doing something as simple as playing the decoration on “loop” on an unused TV at a Halloween party. Or, you can turn that TV into something slightly more mysterious by camouflaging its shape and the brightness of the display with some mesh-like material such as Hollusion Projection Material. Then, place that camouflaged TV or monitor in a dark window to create the effect that the Gargoyle has materialized from nothing!

One final idea: Use a digital picture frame or framed tablet with Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle on the display. Stick it on the bookshelf amongst other framed photos and wait for your party guests to discover it. When they do, you can be certain everyone will congregate there.

Truth be told, no matter how you wind up displaying the Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle Decoration Collection, people will congregate to see it – high atop your home, in your garage, or even on the bookshelf. And that, of course, will ensure that you become your own Halloween legend throughout the neighborhood.

How will you use the Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle Decoration? We want to see it! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple online form!

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