AtmosFAN’s Setup is Simple – With Great Results at Night

You know how, sometimes, when someone flips on the lights in a haunted house, all the magic is gone? Well, we have the opposite in Rob Votaw’s Halloween display. He has a deceptively simple setup in the garage of his Oak Grove, Mo., home, with positively amazing results.

As you can see from Rob’s video presentation above, he first gives us a glimpse of his setup in the daylight. And it is fairly simple: Two large projection screens, a folding table, and then several props, large and small, scattered all around adorned by lights and clever little eye candy. (Of course, the Halloween candy is nearby, too!)

It makes for a tidy display where the audience’s attention is focused on a single place. Then, when it gets dark outside, you can see how everything looks perfectly in place. Showtime!

The two projection screens crisply display back projections of AtmosFX Decorations such as Bone Chillers, Eerie EyesGhostly Apparitions 2 and Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree, ensuring that the projectors are safe and dry in the back of the garage. Of course, there’s another benefit, too – it allows Rob to set up all those props, lights and eye candy in the foreground without casting shadows. Together, it creates a compelling sense of depth, which makes the display even more interesting.

That back projection also keeps inquisitive onlookers from casting shadows on the display. And, to hear it from Rob, there are many. “It’s a larger-scale presentation and allows trick-or-treaters to be entertained,” he tells us. “They are always curious about where the creatures come from and how they are displayed.”

Great work, Rob! Thanks for shining a little light on a wonderful Halloween display!

How do you decorate for Halloween? We want to see your displays from past Halloweens … or your plans for this upcoming one! Either way, it is easy to submit your photos and videos using this simple online form. Everyone who submits earns some Kudos that can be used at, and those who are featured will receive a free AtmosFX Decoration Collection!

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