AtmosFAN Does Christmas Halloween-style

What’s one awesome way to take decorating for Christmas up a notch? Oh, the answer is easy. Decorating for Christmas – Halloween-style! That’s exactly what we have in Murietta, Calif. – a magnificent mash-up of holidays.

This is the brainchild of Matthew and Charles R., identical twins who have been creating Halloween and Christmas displays for more than 30 years – they started at age 10. As you can see from the video below, clearly their many years of experience has paid off.

And we suppose, too, after doing this for so long, the brothers have found opportunities to create innovative and surprising displays that push the boundaries just a little bit. Merging Halloween and Christmas in one display certainly qualifies!

Matthew calls this their “Krampus Nightmare” – named for the giant horned creature who, according to European folklore, likes to scare children during Christmastime into behaving better. The entire display took about three weeks to build, and – who doesn’t love the time-saving aspect of this? – Matthew says it will stay up for both Halloween and Christmas.

“Ever since AtmosFX created Marley’s Ghost we wanted to build an Old Victorian Christmas graveyard scene,” Matthew says. “To us, a Krampus/Christmas Carol theme was a perfect match.”

You can find great window and doorway projections of Marley’s Ghost Decoration Collection at the 1:54 mark, but you’ll want to check out the entire video. You’ll find Halloween Hosts and Blood Walls decoration collections in there, too. The lighting is spectacular, as are the props the twins have created. Krampus – looking more than six feet tall – is a showstopper.

The neighbors seem to think so, too – Matthew says both adults and children loved this unconventional display. And not just the neighbors! “We have been told that people from out-of-state plan their vacations to see relatives around the holidays so they can come and see our Halloween and Christmas displays,” he adds.

Great work – this is clearly is a sight to see! And we cannot wait to see what you will do next!

How do you decorate for Halloween? Or Christmas? Maybe you also blend the two? No matter how you do it, you can be an inspiration to others by sending your photos and videos to us using this easy online submission tool! Not only might you become the next AtmosFAN of the week, but you’ll also win a free decoration collection!

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