Great Uses for ‘Yuletide Window’

As you would expect from its name, Yuletide Window, the newest Christmas-themed digital decoration from AtmosFX, is tailor-made for windows. Whether you wish to present it vertically or horizontally, large or small, Yuletide Window is a colorful creation that is sure to warm hearts during the chilly holiday season.

Of course, the most common use will be to display on a large front window, often as part of a larger Christmas display. The neighbors will surely enjoy it! But don't forget that window projections can simultaneously be viewed on the inside, too. The trick is to make sure the material on your window is looking sharp – you don't want a lot of masking tape showing or excess material draped on the inside. (Premium Window Projection Material, which adheres directly via static cling, is great for this.) Dim the lights, light a few candles, and allow Yuletide Window to be a central part of your home decorating, inside and out.

Yuletide Window in windows

But window display isn't the only way to display this radiant collection of iconic animated stained glass. There are countless additional places you can display Yuletide Window – your imagination is the only limit.

On Your Television

This, of course, is probably the easiest way to present this digital decoration: on any unused TV or monitor. Set Yuletide Window to "loop" and let it be a simple, yet captivating, party decoration.

Yuletide Window on a tv

On Tablets or Phones

Miniature Christmas villages are always popular this time of year. For those who have old phones or tablets sitting the junk drawer – and who doesn't? – they can be loaded with Yuletide Window and placed inside a miniature church or house in the display, providing a dynamic source of color through the windows.

On Surfaces

We know “window” is in the title – but that doesn't mean this decoration can't add captivating color on surfaces of any type. If you have a short-throw projector, for example, think of how it might add to the excitement of Christmas morning if projected onto the living-room ceiling.

And for those with the ability to mount their projector on the ceiling, or similar high perch, how about adding animated color to the Christmas dinner tablecloth?

Projection Mapping

Lastly, for those who are computer-savvy and enjoy decorating their home through large-scale projection mapping, Yuletide Window offers incredible promise. After all, why turn just a window in your home into an animated stained glass when you can turn your entire home into one?

With Yuletide Window Digital Decoration, the decorating options are countless. And we cannot wait to see how our creative AtmosFAN choose to use it this holiday season. Make sure to show us by sending your photos and videos to!

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