AtmosFAN Creates Easy (and Versatile) Holiday Wreath

This time of year, we often find ourselves scrolling through some of Facebook’s community groups looking for yet another clever idea we might be able to deploy at home. Whether it is AtmosFX Decorating Community or AtmosFX Fanatics, they never fail!

In this case, we were smitten by an incredibly simple holiday wreath spotted on the AtmosFX Decorating Community, posted by Deborah Birabent of Ontario, California. It is amazing how dramatically she changes her doorstep with this easy-to-make wreath, which she created in no time.

As you can see, Deborah’s wreath is fairly simple – just a hoop with grey chiffon fabric stretched tight. Then, of course, she added a tinsel garland to give it more of a wreath-like look. “It was a fun little project that came together super fast and under $20,” she tells us.

But, needless to say, what makes it so spectacular is the projection of Enchanted Snowman Digital Decoration Collection onto it. At night, when it is dark and the projector is turned on, it looks like magic!

Speaking of magic, we had to ask where she hid the projector – we couldn’t find it by ourselves. She says she installed a small shelf near the ceiling of her porch, just opposite the door. Because the projector is up high and pointing down, she doesn’t have to worry about visitors who come to her doorstep interfering with the projection.

Enchanted Snowman is one of several AtmosFX Digital Decorations that feature “Snowglobe mode” – essentially a projection that is a circle. There are other digital decorations that have similar circular modes, including Santa’s Sleigh Ride. And if you want to extend into other holidays, there’s options for that, too. In fact, that’s exactly what Deborah did this past Halloween.

“I love making these ‘digital wreaths’! I made one for Halloween as well using Eerie Eyes and Halloween Moon,” Deborah told us. “I plan to experiment with other files, like maybe fireworks for 4th of July. We’re so glad to have found AtmosFX as it makes creating holiday displays so much more fun – and easier to store away.”

We love to see this type of experimentation. Deborah has been sharing her ideas on Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community users group, where people trade ideas back and forth. “I just love knowing there’s so many folks out there who love this stuff as much as I do,” she says.

We love it too, Deborah! Great work taking a simple and inexpensive idea and really making it sing!

How are you decorating for this holiday season? Are your digital decoration displays big? Are they small? No matter how you like to decorate, we want to see it! Send your photos and videos to us using this easy submission form!

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