Gourdy's Patch: Fun Facts About Frankenstein!

Gourdy here! As a Pumpkin, you might expect that I have a particular affinity towards the bounty that is harvested from the soil. Like organs ... from GRAVES!!!

This time of year, I always think about my favorite thing (besides Yours Truly) to rise up from the dirt. And I'm not even talking about something that is as horrifying, yet strangely beautiful, as this. I'm talking about the Real Deal: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein's monster!

Poor Dr. Frankenstein ... he was only trying to make a living. Get it?? Ha!

I've done a ton of research on the subject – if watching movies and reading wikipedia counts. Of course it does! So, in celebration of spring, and AtmosFX's 'It's Alive' Sale, I put together my five favorite things I've learned about Frankenstein.

1. The original story was first published in 1818 and was attributed to an anonymous author. It was the second printing in which Mary Shelley was acknowledged as the author. Here's the best part: The whole thing started as a bet between writers Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley and Lord Byron – the challenge being who could write the best horror story. In your face, Byron! You might be able to write some sexy poetry, but 200 years later, there's no doubt who won this bet!

2. The official title of the story is 'Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus,' and it is considered part of the 'romantic' period of English literature. Ha! So romantic, isn't it?!

3. Almost 100 years after the publication of Frankenstein, they finally made a movie of it. That was 1910. But the really big deal was the first Frankenstein movie with sound in 1931. The guy who played the hero in this role – Boris Karloff – totally set the standard. Just about every actor who's ever played the character since totally copied him! He was so good, in fact, Universal Studios copyrighted the makeup design for the character. People say Frankenstein's monster had a temper, but actually he was surprisingly level headed! Ha ha! Get it?!

4. I like to think of Frankenstein as the original Meryl Streep – an actor so versatile that they can do anything. Frankenstein starred in comedies (Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein), Japanese Monster movies (Frankenstein Conquers the World), Science Fiction (Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster), Westerns (Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter), even a Blacksploitation film (Blackenstein).

5. Speaking of media, IMDB lists at least 112 different movies or TV shows that have some kind of connection to Frankenstein connection since the first one was released in 1910. Even Andy Warhol had his name associated with a Frankenstein movie, Flesh for Frankenstein, presented in Space-Vision 3D process, no less! But 112 seems too small – I know that can't be all. Can you find movies or TV shows that are missing? Which one is your favorite? Send them to me at community@atmosfx.com!

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