Spirit Halloween Gets its Fright on

The Big Kahuna of Halloween retailers – Spirit Halloween – has been intent on scaring the brains out of their customers and, this Halloween season, they enlisted the geniuses in the AtmosFX Developmental Dungeon to help them do it.

Spirit’s in-store experience is called “The Ruins,” and it features a ghoulish gallery of some of the creepiest creations on sale in the approximately 1,100 Spirit Halloween locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Ruins can be found in nearly all of the Spirit locations and, once inside the in-store display, nearly all of AtmosFX’s 11 Halloween-themed digital decorations are on full on display.

At the front of The Ruins you’ll see great example of AtmosFX digital decorations in full-projection mode, including the newest 2014 releases, Bone Chillers and Night Stalkers. (The latter exclusive only to Spirit and the AtmosFX store.) In the back of the Ruins showcases examples of nearly all of AtmosFX digital decorations in TV display mode. 

Take a look at Spirit’s video showcase of The Ruins, and the many AtmosFX digital decorations on display: 


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