Three AtmosFANS Create Clever Smaller-Scale Displays

This week, we want to do something a little different because our clever AtmosFANS this Halloween are also doing something little ... and different. In this case, the operative word is 'little.' As in, smaller scale. The following three digital displays aren't the type of all-out, full-blown, 300,000-megawatt displays that we often love to showcase. (And showcase we will – in the coming weeks and months!) These, instead, prove that if you don't have a ton of space, or don't have the time or energy to create a massive Halloween display, even a single cleverly placed digital decoration can induce some quality Halloween fun.

College Kids Conjure Up Extra Roomies

Kamden Spicer and his roommates from State University New York-Plattsburgh decided their dormitory needed a little pizazz this Halloween. They had exactly one window at their disposal, and they decided to make great use of it. Sure, their window-mode displays of Ghostly Apparitions and Tricks and Treats are presented in only one of the countless windows on this large facade. But isn't that what makes it so great? A little Halloween surprise in a place where nobody would expect it. Kamden says he hears frequent cheering and applause in the front of the window, and has even received letters and candy from appreciative students. As a TV-video production major at SUNY-Plattsburgh, Kamden created this short video to show how their Halloween spirit has impacted the campus. Perhaps we'll see Ghostly Apparitions 2 as a legacy admission at SUNY-Plattsburgh?

A Sudden Trick for Those Seeking Treats


Of all the places Sharon Perdue might have chosen to set up her own window-mode display of Bone Chillers, we think she made a hilarious choice. The semicircle window above the entryway door at her Gulf Breeze, Florida, home seems like they were just made for a good ol' fashion jump scare. When trick-or-treaters come to her door, she triggers the angry skeleton to pop out of its grave. "Really scared some kids," Sharon tells us mischievously. Again, it is the placement of this single digital decoration that makes it so effective – because it is placed in a spot where most people would not expect it, it really maximizes its shock value.

A Portrait Pulses with Energy

Over the years, we've seen countless AtmosFANs who have been enthralled by feuding family members of the UnLiving Portraits Digital Decoration. Connor Dunford of Roanoke, Virginia, is certainly one of them. He built a beautiful frame to hide his TV monitor, attached a Sprite Media Player and Motion Sensor, and then hung it on the wall. UnLiving Portraits has three creepy characters, but Connor chose to feature only the family's young daughter because his yearly Halloween haunt features a doll theme. This effect takes a little more time and money to create, but the result is gorgeous. And needless to say, when an unsuspecting "victim" takes a look at what they think will be a static portrait, they are mesmerized. "Everyone who comes loves it and comes out of the event happy and smiling," Connor says. "It's something people have came back every year for!"

It is that time of year – October! Whether you have a single window to work with, or acres upon acres, we know there are tens of thousands of digital decorators out there creating mind-blowing Halloween digital displays! Make sure to send us your photos and videos through our easy-to-use AtmosFAN Submission Form. And while you're on the site, check out what other AtmosFANs have created!

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