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We all like scary stories, so here’s one for you: Halloween is tomorrow, and it suddenly dawns on you that you’re missing that one last killer effect for your home haunt or costume party. The horror! If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – it happens to the best of us. Luckily, our digital downloads are a great way to pick up last-minute decorations in time for the big night!

Projecting 'Plaster Disaster'  from Zombie Invasion! onto your ceiling is an incredibly easy way to add extra flair to any room.

In addition to being available on DVD, all of our digital decorations can also be purchased digitally. Pick up any full collection as a complete digital download, or select individual scenes a la carte to create your own unique playlists. The options are limitless.

Once you’ve placed your selections in your cart, proceed to checkout. Within a few moments, you’ll receive an email with unique download codes for each of your digital decorations. (If you don't see them soon, remember to check your spam filter – sometimes the emails get caught in there.) Click the links, download the files, and you’ll be good to go!

(If you run into any issues, don’t forget to check out our Support page – there are tons of FAQs relating to digital downloads there.)

Now that you’re armed with that One Last Killer Effect, what will you do with it?

Since we still haven't figured out how to offer digital downloads of our Hollusion™ Projection Material, and most people don't keeps stashes of fully-functioning fog machines in the basement, here are three great effects you can create with stuff you probably have sitting around your home.

Turn the Boob Tube into the Boo! Tube

Our Phantasms, UnLiving Portraits and Creepy Crawlies 2 digital decorations all feature great TV effects that will allow you to transform any unused television or monitor into the perfect party prop. With UnLiving Portraits, you can turn your TV into an animated portrait of doom. By using Creepy Crawlies 2, your guests will think you’re setting the mood with great old flick, then…wham!  Rats or cockroaches will come bursting through the screen. Or, for a more ghastly scare, try Phantasms. Instead of rats or roaches, one of the four specters will leap out of the scene, startling anyone watching.

For more ideas and tips on how to use your TV or monitor for easy scares, check out this guide.

Go Big – Really Big! – on Halloween Night

Using any AtmosFEARfx Digital Decoration in Wall Mode is another easy way to create a great effect without much effort. All you need is a projector and … uh, a wall. But if you really want to wow the neighborhood, we suggest you take your projector outside and project onto something really big – like your whole house. Blood Walls, one of our earliest digital decorations, is perfect for this. The scene “Dripping Blood,” for example, makes your home look like it is slowly being drenched in sticky red blood. And because there is not a lot of detail in this effect, you can project it really large without losing much quality.

For more ideas and tips on wall and surface projections, check out this guide.

Put Those Leftover Pumpkins to Use

The playful pumpkins from Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree are one of our most celebrated scenes. They’re another effect that is easy to set up, and the payoff is huge. All you need is your projector and three uncarved pumpkins, which are easy to find the night before Halloween. Simply set up the pumpkins in a good viewing area, place your projector in front of them, and select one of the three scenes authored in “Pumpkin Mode.” The three goofy gourds sing, tell stories and make silly faces – an inevitable highlight of the Halloween season. To see how to easily create this effect, check out the video below.

For more great decorating ideas, also be sure to check out our entire collection of how-to articles.

Whether you’re entertaining trick-or-treaters, running your own haunted house, or throwing an awesome party for your friends, we wish you all the spookiest of successes.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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