AtmosFAN’s Entryway Makes Great First Impression

What is the expression about never having a second chance to make a first impression? When it comes to Halloween displays, we know it is true. And it is undoubtedly the case at the entrance of Jeremy D.’s Aubrey, Texas, residence. He’s built a positively enchanting series of Halloween props that are perfect for welcoming guests and trick-or-treaters to his home.

We start at the front door – which is, of course, where most people start. The whole entrance to Jeremy’s house is so well put together, it is easy to forget how much is going on here. The colorful lighting and intricately carved pumpkins are an inviting start. As is the tombstone. They are great unto themselves, but what they do best is focus your attention on the centerpiece: The three chatty pumpkins of Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 2 Decoration Collection.

Or, perhaps more fully, the pumpkins AND the old gnarled tree and the bright full moon. Together, they make an amazing unit. But let’s start with the three gourds.

Projecting onto uncarved pumpkins any of the three Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree decorations has been a favorite for Halloween decorators for years. (To see an easy how-to article on the subject, click here.) But Jeremy adds a twist. In most cases, to properly create this effect, all three pumpkins need to be next to each other. However, using video-editing software like Optoma Projection Mapper, you can adjust the projection so that you can have more flexibility in how you set up your display. It still takes planning and knowing precisely where to place the pumpkins but, as you can see from Jeremy’s work, it certainly takes it to the next level.

And yes, we gush over the pumpkins, but the gnarled tree that seems to be holding up a glowing full moon is spectacular, too. That’s a projection of Halloween Moon Decoration Collection, one of many AtmosFX Decorations that are optimized for displaying in circular formats, like the AtmosFX Decorating Disc.

We focus on the entrance to Jeremy’s house, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t also highlight the entrance to his property. Here, he’s build another terrific prop – the brick column of his wrought iron fence seems to home to … uh … we don’t know. We do know that this is the Eerie Eyes Decoration Collection displayed on screen embedded in the prop. We also know that it looks great, too!

As we celebrate Halfway to Halloween, we want to remind you that it is never too late to send us photos and videos of your Halloween displays. After all, it is a great way to inspire other Halloween fans! Use this simple online form and you might be the next AtmosFAN of the Week –– not only will you earn Kudos for use in the AtmosFX online store with every submission, but if you are selected, you will earn a complete decoration collection!

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