You Can't Look Away! Eerie Eyes is Here!

Since the earliest days of AtmosFX, it has been our mission to create amazing digital decorations that are something, no matter how hard you try, from which you can’t look away. 

And now, we've created something that stares right back.

Eerie Eyes Large Image

Brace yourself for Eerie Eyes – the latest Halloween-themed digital decoration collection now available in the AtmosFX Online Store. This subtly disquieting decoration features eight different variations of eyes – humanoid eyes, demon eyes, dragon eyes and many more. Adding to that, each set of eyes also includes options to mix-and-match:

  • Trio of Eyes
  • Trio of Eyes with Mouth
  • Swarm of Eyes
  • Swarm of Eyes with Mouth

Each of the Eerie Eyes individual decorations are built for TV, wall, window and Hollusion modes – making them incredibly easy to deploy nearly anywhere and the variety of eyes make for seemingly endless perturbing permutations. 

There is no shortage of ways you can creep-out neighbors and trick-‘r’-treaters with the ominous gaze of some very observant Eerie Eyes. They’ll leer from windows, float as a Hollusion, gaze from your TV, or loom large on any wall, ceiling or garage door. But what, exactly, is watching us?

Eerie Eyes is AtmosFX’s third Halloween-themed digital decoration launched in 2017, following Paranormal Passage and the family-friendly Boo Crew

Click here to see the trailer for Eerie Eyes, and to download this creepy new digital decoration. The complete collection of Eerie Eyes retails for $19.99, with individual digital decorations from the collection retailing between $5.99 and $9.99. 

Click here to download now!

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