Christmas Comes Early Thanks to This AtmosFAN

Sometimes we're so focused on Halloween that we almost miss other important milestones. For example, exactly one-half year from tonight, Santa Claus and his reindeer will be making their annual flight, delivering goodies to children around the world.

That's right. We're halfway to Christmas. So, we thought we’d celebrate the occasion by spotlighting this holiday display from Bill Whittaker of Hudson, Florida. Never too early to start thinking about your Christmas decorations, right?

Here's what we love about Bill's display. It is a great collection of multiple projection modes in one location – in this case: prop, wall and window modes.

We always love seeing the 3DFX Form on display – this is the inflatable human-size prop that, when you project optimized digital decorations onto it, it appears to come to life. Here, he's projecting Night Before Christmas Digital Decoration onto his 3DFX Form, placed conspicuously on the pathway in front of his house. A life-like Santa Claus singing carols is a great way to welcome people to your home!

As for his garage, Bill is using a technique that we are seeing more and more people using. He's back-projecting Santa's Workshop Digital Decoration onto projection material that he's strung up over his open garage door. It creates a large canvas on which to project, as well as keeping the projector out of the winter elements. Though, we imagine this may not be an issue in Bill's home state of Florida. (Sigh.)

Lastly, we have to comment on the window projections. It is hard to miss the Christmas Carolers Digital Decoration in the large front window – it looks great. But we really appreciate the "peek" of Santa in the small, round window. (See it?) Those extra touches of whimsy and detail are the type of thing that takes a digital decoration display from good to great. (And it is also a great use for a smaller, lower-power projector!)

Thanks for a little taste of the holidays, Bill – it's a great reminder to start thinking about our upcoming Christmas display and, at least in our case, that it's also time to finally take down the Christmas lights from last year.

How do you digitally decorate for Christmas, Halloween or any other holiday? Inspire others by sending us your photos and videos using this handy submission form!

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