The ‘2020 Halloween Sightings’ Video Is Here!

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a stranger than, uh, snakes on a plane. All the more reason, in our opinion, to find things to celebrate – and to do so with all the passion we can muster!

That’s why we are so excited for Halloween. In our neighborhoods we’ve been seeing families going all-out this year; really taking their Halloween decorating to the next level as a way of bringing some joy and normalcy back to our communities. And we know you have been seeing this in your neighborhoods, too.

With this in mind, we are delighted to show you some of our favorite Halloween decoration displays that we have seen, so far, in 2020. And when we say so far, we mean it – because we know there’s tens of thousands more of you out there that are still imagining, building and perfecting your own masterpieces! For that reason, we’ll be posting another video in November showcasing even more of our favorites.

For those of you who have not yet sent us photos and videos of your Halloween creations – we want to see them! They are not only a great inspiration to us, but for the countless other Halloween fans out there, too! There are three great ways to do so:

Come to think of it, do all three! Share the Halloween love!

Happy Halloween to you all from the entire AtmosFX team!

Below is a list of all of the people whose decorations have appeared in this video. Thank you again for your wonderful creativity and support!

Sent as an AtmosFAN of the Week submission:

Stacy Paskett
Jeremy Rich
Scott Jeppsen
Michael Morales
Brandon Kootnekoff
Jeff Baird
Mark Greenslade
Carrie Hartshorn
Brice Gateaux
Jeffrey D. Aber
Lionel Marin
Timo Fischer
James Novak
Jorge Rivas
Jorge Ramirez
Nate Cole
David Trammell
Matthew Lipke
Richard Mullin
Ian Moore
Daniel Butterfield
Scott Weiztl
Ivan Marasca
Alice Rolison
Paul Allen
Robert Crouch

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Joe Stricker
Jason Jonathan Brown
Tom Giambone
Enrique Efresh Molina
Christopher Kucan

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Anthony Picozzi
Christian Blackhart
Ryo Namameta
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