Festive Fireworks Year-Round

>Celebrations Party Time has a medley of colorful balloons, confetti, streamers and dazzling fireworks that can be used year-round for birthdays, anniversaries, New Year's Eve, and that's right, the Fourth of July!

'Party Time' allows you to show off your patriotism with the option of red, white and blue color scheme, along with animated banners that reads "Happy 4th of July."

You can also light up your TV, window, wall, or backyard BBQ with a vibrant display of 'Festive Fireworks,' with or without a sparkling "Happy 4th of July" message.

To display fireworks or balloons in your window, you can rear project using the AtmosFX Projection Material. Or for a more cost-effective option, simply hang a bed sheet, shower curtain, or other semi-transparent material in your window. Make sure you cover the entire area that you intend to project onto. Next position your video projector at an appropriate distance from the window line up the image within the window frame, select your desired scene option in the DVD menu, and press play.


For more information on our Projection Material, click here.

Alternatively, you can front project Celebrations Party Time's 4th of July decorations on a wall inside or outside your home. Just be sure to choose a surface that is lighter in color. Also, make sure you have enough space so that your party guests can freely move around your video projector. If you are able to, mounting your projector from the ceiling is a great way to save space.

Another impressive display idea would be to use and hang bride mesh on a line in your backyard! Project your desired digital decoration onto the mesh, creating an almost holographic illusion. For this type of setup, we highly recommend using 'Festive Fireworks.'

If you've tried out our Celebrations Party Time tutorial, we would love to see your display! Send us your photos or videos to community@atmosfx.com and we'll feature them on our YouTube Channel or Facebook page!

Have any questions? Email us at support@atmosfx.com.

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